Residential building fire burned a man had to help the expression of

Residential building fire burned a man had to face pain for 10 pm yesterday, the Central Hospital of Southwest Road lights next to a residential building 2 floor room on fire, one of the residents burn trapped, firefighters ladder to the window man rescued. According to the city early Republican lady introduced, at that time, the two floor window smoke, a 60 year old man standing in distress adjacent to the window side cries for help. Downstairs residents immediately reported to the police. When reporters arrived at the scene, the 2 floor window still billowing black smoke, police, blue shark mobile team has been isolated on the spot. The firemen ladder board to the two floor window, using fire pincers to cut the fence outside the window, the man was unable to move the burn, several firefighters put the man down from the window lift. At the same time, another group of firefighters launched fire fighting and rescue, and soon extinguished the residents’ house fire. Extensive burns on the face and legs of men. It is understood that when the fire, the man alone at home, found after the fire, he took measures to fight, but failed to control the fire in time, immediately to the window side for help. Subsequently, the first aid personnel at the scene sent the men to the Fourth People’s Hospital of Dalian. According to the doctor, the man is seriously injured and has been hospitalized for treatment. At present, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

居民楼起火一男子严重烧伤 曾向外呼救表情痛苦 昨日10时许,西南路中心医院信号灯旁一栋居民楼2楼起火,房内一位居民烧伤被困,消防队员架云梯到窗口将男子救出。 据市民初女士介绍,当时,二楼窗口冒出浓烟,一名60岁左右的男子表情痛苦地站在相邻窗户边呼救。楼下居民见状立即报了警。记者赶到现场时,2楼窗口仍冒出滚滚黑烟,民警、蓝鲨机动队已将现场隔离。消防队员架云梯登至二楼窗前,利用消防铁钳将窗外护栏剪断,男子被烧伤无法动弹,几名消防队员把男子从窗口处抬下来。救人的同时,另一组消防队员展开灭火救援,很快将居民家大火扑灭。男子脸部、腿部大面积烧烫伤。 据了解,起火时,男子独自在家,发现火情后,他采取扑救措施,但未能及时控制住火势,立即到窗边呼救才被救。随后,等在现场的急救人员将男子送到大连市第四人民医院。据医生介绍,男子伤情严重,已经住院接受治疗。目前,起火原因还在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: