Rosamund Kwan white dress elegant show that there is a friend to ask a friend condolences to Joseph -widcomm

Rosamund Kwan white dress elegant appearance, said friends condolences to friend Joseph Lau Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 8th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Rosamund Kwan as ambassador to attend last night’s "good charity fund" charity dinner, with guests and Irene Wan and her husband, Qiqi, and Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse did not appear, Miriam Yeung, Ma Junwei it took short to support. Rosamund Kwan Rosamund Kwan wore a white dress appeared earlier, she was busy in cooperation with the fashion brand, she is a design of pajamas positive publicity, before doing more activities in Beijing, by the end of the month to spend on birthday in the local. Rosamund Kwan said happily: "cut a total of more than and 10 cakes, are friends and team for me to celebrate. My birthday wish is healthy, brand sales." After the divorce Rosamund Kwan whether there are many suitors? She says: "people don’t pursue, I am Indoorswoman, plus the Christmas and new year are the fashion season, busy work, to engage in online shopping and shelves, which have time for love." For friends Joseph Lau poor health, Rosamund Kwan said: I also know through the report, because we have not contacted for some time, but there are friends ask each other greetings." Irene Wan when his gift of Irene Wan and her husband love scene, 1 days this month is two people 16 years of marriage, she said happily received her husband’s ring, and she sent her to the other side. In addition, Huang Zhuoling also came when their husbands appeared, at present she had a pair of children, aged 8 and 6 years old. Huang Zhuoling usually take care of the family oriented, very yearning for life now, no comeback, no addiction. (Miao Fei)相关的主题文章: