Ruby Lin Tang Wei caught chicken soup marketing to distinguish the authenticity of the entrance shou huangshexiaoshuo

Ruby Lin Tang Wei caught chicken soup marketing to distinguish the authenticity of the entrance should be cautious public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Chicken soup is a kind of self – cultivation, people anesthesia things. The stars of the experience seems to be more exciting than ordinary people, they are often mixed with boiled chicken soup for their life experiences, healing the mood at the same time, but also to meet the fans’ curiosity. That’s a pure taste. But star chicken soup really so good to drink? Xiao Bian this will take you to identify the authenticity of the star chicken soup! Actress Tiffany Hsu first models debut, later he moved to the theater brisk performance, and more recently in the United States as "new immigrants" album rookie shooting, acting is sure, attracting 740 thousand fans tracking. Also considered a good mix. Tiffany Hsu she also has a special skill, is often on the social networking site chicken soup and fans to share. To shape their own "great wisdom" image, supposedly so many years never missed, but this unfortunately hit the stubble. 21 evening, she posted an online article on the Instagram, the content is about I am a very accustomed to a person… Occasionally miss, more is drowning is not binding…" That was very conception, even small series is hazy. But handsome but three seconds! The original author immediately came to the door, angrily: "pirates are also more praise than I originally wrote". The original Tiffany Hsu at the end of the paper simply labeled "network literature" 3 words, not explicitly pointed out the source, but still caused to resonate with many fans. In the absence of the source, the original author is quite angry! Before forwarding the basic principles "annotated source" really so difficult? Also hope that the other side do not find any excuse to say what can not be found, just a sentence search will know that it is from a good night poem, and do not want to see their own exhausted mind to write the text is free to use. Tiffany Hsu apology helpless, Tiffany Hsu had to send an apology, embarrassing ending. Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo have been married in August, upcoming promotion of mother, but recently Ruby Lin’s mother seems to be more than Ruby Lin also fire ah, this is because of an article titled "life is too long!" This paper describes Ruby Lin divorce, and finally meet the person, write, like tearful scene representation, good writing, so many people watching the content of mixed feelings, forwarding network crazy, also called the chicken soup". Ruby Lin Wallace Huo finally the conclusion, "if a person with another person, just to live, and to live without holiday, no surprise, no touch, no romantic words, not just to live it…?" Seemingly very infectious. Many people shouted, is to write their own aspirations. The full text, we read: life is too long! But the embarrassment is that after the article was proved to be an unknown writer to write, but was applied to Ruby Lin. Ruby Lin is also out of the rumor. It’s a waste of pseudo Ruby Lin rumor soup feelings ah! As we all know Tang Wei was blocked by "sejie". At that time, there is also a widely circulated Tang Wei)相关的主题文章: