Safflower or at the end of November and started the second tier ship lock Datengxia water

Safflower or at the end of November and started the second tier ship lock Datengxia water seamless nanguojinbao Liuzhou news (reporter Cen Qin) September 14th, reporters from Liuzhou City Transportation Bureau, Honghua second-line shiplock construction project of this Autonomous Region Monday passed the preliminary assessment of the experts, if the land smoothly, the project is expected to start construction in November this year. According to reports, the first line of the lock is located on the left side of the first line, parallel. Safflower second lock according to the 2000 ton ship lock (taking into account the 3000 ton ship navigation) construction, lock length of about 280 meters, a width of 34 meters, a height of 5.8 meters, the design of one-way capacity of up to 28 million 600 thousand tons, the investment estimate of $. The total project duration is 40 months, the main construction contents is divided into two parts, one is the earthwork excavation, two is the construction of the main lock, including lock head and lock engineering; upstream and downstream approach channel of main pier wall, navigation guidance, levee, diversion pier, slope engineering etc.. "When the excavation of the earthwork is very large, equivalent to dig out a small canal." Deputy general manager of Guangxi Xijiang Group Co. Ltd. safflower second lock Zhao Mingmin, second tier ship lock with a lock on the shore side, side by side, need to shore mountain earthwork digging, this part of the 17 million Party, such as excavation after about May next year the main project to start construction. Then, after the completion of the second shiplock, Liuzhou and Xijiang shipping what benefits? According to the Department of Transportation Bureau chief port port management office Li Juncong introduction, the current navigation safflower Line Shiplock is limited, sometimes a ship, you need to queue for 35 days, the development of the Liujiang River shipping impact is not small, but after the completion of the second tier ship lock, lock capacity will greatly increase. The reporter learned that, at present Liuzhou port into Sanjiang port, port, port, Liucheng Rongan, Rongshui port city center port, the Liujiang River port area and port 7 port luzhai. 161 berths can be built, of which 90 deep-water berths, the annual capacity of goods for the 60 million 750 thousand tons, RO ro car 280 thousand. In the survey report on the construction of Honghua tier ship lock project comprehensive analysis, carries on the forecast to the the Liujiang River line of freight volume and its flow direction, Honghua lock cargo lockage 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050 will reach 2400, 3500, 4600, 55 million tons. Can meet the demand of Liuzhou port cargo throughput growth. For many years, the construction of the second line of safflower lock, why in this year suddenly "speed"? In this regard, Zhao Mingmin introduced previously, due to the restriction of safflower plant downstream water level, the second tier ship lock even completed ahead of schedule, is powerless". While the 2015 Datengxia water control project has the substantive work, according to the construction plan, is expected in 2019 will gradually water, when the water level downstream of the Honghua uplift, can meet the ship kiloton voyage, coupled with the renovation project on the Liujiang River channel two also carried out at the same time, is expected to be basically completed in 2022, by the two an opportunity to start this year to red line lock, is expected to complete the construction of the main project in 2020, it is a matter of course".相关的主题文章: