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Samsung Note 7 explosive global recall but does not include the China Sohu news "1+1 news" October 13, 2016 complete sets — Samsung Note 7 recall, how different?! (program guide) (US) fire Note7 users: I heard a "bang", the smoke from the screen to take out, I take the mobile phone away. (China) Note 7 users Zhang Sitong: Samsung has said that domestic users will not explode, because the battery manufacturers are not the same, I believe Samsung, but it is still fried. Commentary: mobile phone heating and burning, and even an explosion, ten countries and regions worldwide recall, but does not include china. Deputy Secretary General China Consumer Association President Dong Zhuli: we have been opposed in different countries, different consumers of double standards, China Samsung Corp ignore the feelings of consumers, but also ignore the security of this mobile phone products. Commentary: under pressure to finally recall in china. Samsung customer service: the details of the recall has not come out, because they may not have received the news dealers, please wait patiently. Commentary: news 1+1 today concern: Samsung Note 7 recall, how can we treat differently?! Moderator Wang Ning: audience friends good evening, welcome to the live news 1+1. At the beginning of the program, I would like to invite you to watch a video with a mobile phone. We see in the muck above, there is a goods in the combustion, and emit white smoke. Well, now the lens slowly closer, we see this seems to be a cell phone, the phone’s body has been slowly burning split, and its screen has begun to burn deformation. Mr. Li said the machine, when he was using the phone suddenly found no smoke, especially hot, so put the phone to the ground, it happened just this scene. In fact, such a thing has occurred in the country since the 20, not only in the country, in foreign countries, I saw when a woman encountered a similar situation, she simply put the smoke of the phone thrown into the pot. And such a mobile phone has a common feature, that is, they are all the same model, Samsung Note 7. No wonder there are many netizens commented on micro-blog to me, Wang Ning, you dare too, now dare to use Samsung, I looked down, although it is not really a Note 7, but Samsung saw this brand, there will be little fear. Mobile phone become grenades, it can do it, of course, can do, that is to recall. We see Samsung has begun to recall the program in the global recall of nearly about two million units, which there are many Chinese mainland Taiwan? 190 thousand sets. But now we see that in the United States it has recalled more than half, in Chinese recall why just started, so be long in coming victory, we can see the Samsung distinction behind, what is more, the difference today we have to focus on the Samsung Note 7 cover music world to recall. .相关的主题文章: