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Sanitation workers sleep pictures, crying friends: the family is not too difficult – new network Nanjing 23 February (reporter Cui Jiaming) 22, a group of sanitation workers grandmother dozing in the wind pictures were many media portals pushed the home page. For a time, the group pictures were also the media official micro-blog, WeChat and friends brush frequency, thousands of friends praise, leave message. Netizens praised it as "the most beautiful woman". In February 21, 2016, in Jiangsu, Xuzhou Province, an old sanitation worker, granny, cleaned the paper and garbage on the street, cleaned up and sat down on the seat of the electric tricycle beside the road. The lowest temperature in Xuzhou was 2 degrees below zero, cloudy day. Old woman wearing a red cap, wrapped in a blue scarf, wearing clothing sanitation has gray hair." This group of pictures by many netizens bluntly cried". Netizens say that, after seeing the photos, tears can not stop flowing, the grandmother is too painful. The old man is too hard, so old the age, family status must be have you consciously abandoned secret sorrow, items thrown into the trash, for us is easy, but for the elderly can save a lot of things, let them go home to sleep, the aged and the old. At the same time, many netizens jointly called for mercy, do not throw debris; chewing gum, pack up and then lost; not spitting; parabolic refused windows. 23, the reporter from Xuzhou to verify, the picture of the sanitation worker grandmother called Li Xuelian, this year has more than 60 years old. Granny Li is an employee of Xuzhou Jie Shi property company. According to the company’s road manager Sun Shulan said, Li Nainai to the company to work for nearly 1 years, usually responsible for Xuzhou Copper Mt. New District Beijing road two fort near 300 meters section of the cleaning work, her work time is: five in the morning to 12 noon. "The old man is gentle, seldom speaks at ordinary times, but the work is very responsible, and the road that she is responsible for is often praised by the businessmen and the residents along the street." Sun Shulan said. For the treatment and family problems, users care about grandma grandma Sun Shulan said, the current month income is 1408 yuan, the old grandmother in rural areas, usually with the son of working in the urban residential, said Sun Shulan, grandmother of the family is not wealthy, but also not too difficult, the grandmother do sanitation because workers are restless, want to do something. (end)

环卫工奶奶睡着图片看哭众网友:家庭没太大困难-中新网   中新网南京2月23日电 (记者 崔佳明)22日,一组关于环卫工奶奶寒风中打瞌睡着的图片被多家媒体门户网站推上了首页。一时间该组图片也被各媒体官方微博、微信及朋友圈刷频,数千网友点赞、留言。网友们赞其为“最美奶奶”。   该组图片的文字报道:“2016年2月21日,江苏省徐州市,一位年迈的环卫工老奶奶把大街上的纸屑和垃圾打扫的干干净净,清理完毕后,疲惫地坐睡在路旁的电动三轮车座位上。当日徐州最低气温零下2度,阴天。老奶奶头戴着红线帽,包裹着蓝方巾,穿着环卫服装,头发已经斑白。”   这组图片被众多网友直言“看哭了”。网友们留言称,看完照片,眼泪就止不住流下来,老奶奶太让人心疼了。老人家太辛苦了,这么大的年纪本应安享晚年的,一定是家庭状况有难言之隐,大家自觉把废弃物品扔进垃圾桶,对我们来说只是举手之劳,但可以为老人省很多事儿,让她们早点回家睡觉吧,老吾老以及人之老。   同时,众多网友共同呼吁,手下留情,杂物不乱扔;嚼过的口香糖,包起再丢;不随地吐痰;拒绝车窗抛物。   23日,记者从徐州方面核实,图片中的环卫工奶奶叫李雪莲,今年已60多岁。李奶奶是徐州洁士物业公司的员工。据该公司路段经理孙书兰说,李奶奶到公司上班有近1年时间了,平时负责徐州铜山新区北京路二堡附近约300米路段的保洁工作,她上班时间段为:早上五点到中午12点。   “老人性格温和,平时说话很少,但是工作非常负责,她负责的路段经常被沿街商家、住户表扬。”孙书兰说。   对于网友关心老奶奶的待遇和家境等问题,孙书兰说,老奶奶目前每个月收入为1408元,老奶奶家在农村,平时跟在市区打工的儿子居住,孙书兰称,老奶奶的家庭情况虽然不富裕,但也没有太大困难,老奶奶出来做环卫工是因为闲不住,想做点事。(完)相关的主题文章: