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The second-hand car should beware of fake car – car Sohu according to the relevant investigation reports that 30% of the vehicle failure is caused by bad driving habits of consumers, the 70% reason is due to the auto parts quality and assembly technology problems. At the same time in the past 3 years was found in a traffic accident, extended service vehicles accounted for 41.2%, the use of inferior parts accounted for 13%. This shows that fake auto parts hazards! Counterfeit auto parts and genuine auto parts in the shape of the difference is not large, but the difference in quality and performance. If the owners give their car with fake auto parts in unknown circumstances, it will cause great harm to the owners. Will return to factory repair again caused economic losses, or endanger the safety of life. Most of the time the owners in the maintenance of the car, only responsible for the payment and not the whole time staring at repair replacement parts. If you are a regular 4S shop or repair shop can also put snacks, if it is a small garage best staring point, small mushrooms here to teach you a few strokes to distinguish fake car parts trick, you can check the authenticity of auto parts! The first one auto packaging quality packaging factory, standard specifications have uniform standards, genuine packaging writing clear, bright color overprint. Should indicate the product name, specifications, quantity, registered trademark, name and address and telephone number, their mark and some manufacturers in the accessories hits. The imported parts must be printed, and other special authorized dealers "one piece" mark; the name and address, trademark code is completely different "authentic"; "fake" packaging printing rough, "tooth exposed". Famous brand products tend to use good paper, paper boxes and plastic bags, paper boxes with transparent tape or a few drops of glue adhesion. The quality of carton, glue, and the poor quality of the process may be counterfeit products. Second strokes to see regular auto parts and accessories surface surface has distinct characteristics, not only typecasting is very clear, and the surface gloss. Another point is often more important auto parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent protection measures. When choosing if found parts of rust spots or rubber cracking, loss of elasticity, or the shaft neck surface has obvious tool lines, should be returned. A third watch accessories have ID documents can be identified, parts also have their own "identity card". Often some of the important auto parts, especially the assembly, as the starter, generator, distributor, the factory with the general specification, certificate, in order to guide users to install, use and maintenance. Fourth strokes to see if the missing pieces see assembly if there is a small part of the lack of. Normal assembly parts must be well equipped to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. Some assembly parts on the individual parts of the leakage if the assembly parts will not work or even scrapped. Fifth strokes to see some loose parts of adhesive bonded parts is composed of two or more than two parts, between the parts by pressing, welding or bonding, does not allow loosening between them, such as the pump plunger and the adjusting arm is pressed by a相关的主题文章: