Secret! Why the United States long distance project in the Rio Olympic Games successful

Secret! Why the United States long distance project in the Rio Olympic Games Olympic Games dominate the long distance why leap in the United States at the Rio Olympics, the United States track and field team and harvest more medals than London. Especially in the longest of the two projects, they are more than the previous 2 have won the medal of the 4. On a long distance project of 800m, they won 7 medals, but only about 4 years ago, with a total of $2. What is the reason why they have such a big leap? There are many reasons for this result, such as Russia’s absence. But apart from good luck, there is a constant amount of hard work, incredible talent, and the joint efforts of officials, coaches and athletes from top to bottom. London Olympic Games, the United States has 10 long-distance runners won the first 4-8 results. After precision computing, to get more medals, these runners need an average of 0.52%. For the United States and the United States Olympic Athletics aim to concentrate resources into it. Although not exhaustive, but the following three variables contributed to the long distance project in Rio’s success: 1, high altitude training and it is not a new concept, but through a more precise calculation. In the United States, all the players on the long distance and the other 17 runners are living or training at high altitudes. Such as Molly · Hedl. High altitude training can be traced back to Bob · Larson and Joe · Virgil. They were trained to run in Mammoth Lakes, an era of scarce talent, in California. The team eventually produced the 2004 Athens Olympic Games 2 marathon Medals – Mabel · Kaifulai Qi Ji silver and bronze Kastor of Dina ·. In simple terms, training in the rarefied areas of air can increase the production of human erythropoietin (EPO), thereby increasing the amount of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles and convert them into energy. This is a natural way to raise the status of law, but its impact and benefits vary from person to person. 2, reasonable arrangements for game time in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, Emily is the only · Wingfield medal runner (10000m bronze). There are several reasons, including the selection of the United States team players in the United States Championship time. The game was 54 days away from the world championships. This will allow the player to be in a state of decline. For track and field events, the best schedule is in the Olympic Games about 30 days before the trial, and the marathon will need a recovery period of 6 months. Therefore, this year’s track and field trials were arranged in the 4 weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in July, while the marathon trial was arranged in February. 3, the logistics of the Olympic Games in Rio, everyone can quickly realize that one thing is that transportation, housing, food, water and training are not easy, almost everything is a challenge. To this end, the United States team organized a detailed logistics support system. For example, in the vicinity of the naval base leased private相关的主题文章: