Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee announced six measures of insurance funds shall not be use

Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee announced six measures should not be used for the purchase of insurance funds to buy land Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On Further Strengthening the supervision of the real estate market in the city to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market views of Shanghai Housing tube header (2016) No. 839: the relevant units to further implement the requirements of the national management on the real estate market because of the city facilities strategy, classification regulation, to continue to strictly enforce the "basic" several opinions on further improve the housing market system and security system to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, to further strengthen market supervision, strengthen law enforcement, regulate market order, resolutely curb housing prices trend, to ensure the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Approved by the municipal government, the following opinions are put forward: first, to further increase the supply of commercial housing land supply in 2016 commodity housing land supply has increased significantly. According to the plots of different situations, to further increase the affordable housing (including commodity housing land in the proportion of talent apartment) with the construction and real estate development enterprises self housing ratio. Two, to further strengthen the commodity housing land transactions funds supervision set up by city planning and Land Resources Bureau, the municipal finance office and the financial regulatory agencies and other departments of the commodity housing land transactions joint working group funds supervision, carry out the land transaction fund supervision work. According to the relevant provisions of the state, bank loans, trust funds, capital market financing and capital management plan with capital, insurance funds shall be used to pay the land bidding deposit, deposit and subsequent land transfer price. Bidders in the application in the land auction activities, should undertake the sources of funding for the compliance of its own funds. Violation of the provisions, cancel the bidding or competing qualifications, have to pay for the deposit shall not be refunded, and within three years shall not participate in the Shanghai state owned construction land use right transfer tender auction. Three, to further strengthen the newly built commercial housing pre sale management since October 8, 2016, the city’s new commercial housing sales program filing the implementation of municipal and district two audits (including pre-sale permits and Xianfang sales record), listed on the housing pricing unreasonable, resolutely adjusted. Strengthen the sale of new commodity housing project sales price monitoring and supervision, shall not arbitrarily raise prices. Real estate development enterprises should be strictly in accordance with the state and the city of housing sales management, sales in the scene prominently publicized by the record sales plan, the price of a room, the price tag system, once within the time specified in the public Internet sales. Strict implementation of the restriction, limited credit and other real estate market regulation policy, intends to circumvent the restriction, limited credit and other relevant provisions of the behavior, strengthen regulatory measures to increase control efforts. Four, the real estate market and severely punish illegal acts continue to carry out real estate development enterprises and intermediary institutions illegal conduct special rectification actions, further increase remediation efforts focused on investigating property hoarding, speculation prices, false advertising, deception of consumers相关的主题文章: