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Shanghai shares through net buying stocks this week revealed (list attached) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the opportunity: the crowd participating expert construction bull stock market warming, plus the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening of expectations, Shanghai shares representing overseas capital movements through funds to operate? This week the market trend reversal, although the B-share diving prev Monday Tuesday will be dragged down trend of Yin Yang package covering "9· 12" upward gap, and on Friday successfully returned to the line above, during the period of the amount can be slightly enlarged, the market significantly warmer. As an important channel of overseas capital into A shares, Shanghai shares through the capital in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the continuous inflow of funds approved before presentation, then the stock index continued to narrow shocks, the downturn in market sentiment, Shanghai shares through the capital once fled, after the market rebound, the Shanghai shares through the capital again to net buying mainly. The statistical data of treasure, affected by the typhoon, this week, the Shanghai shares through the channel trading a total of 4 trading days, except for Monday after the small net outflow, a net inflow of three daily trading. Shanghai shares through the total net inflow of 1 billion 545 million yuan this week. So, which shares the most popular? According to the Shanghai stock exchange through the top ten active trading list every week, a total of 22 stocks on the list. From the number on the list, Kweichow Moutai, Hengrui medicine, China safe list this week, most frequently, are on the list 4 times, that is to say the 3 stocks each trading day appear in the list of active stocks. This week, only 22 active stocks, the amount of statistics, there are 13 shares of net buying, the net purchase amount is up to Kweichow Moutai this week, the cumulative net buying 325 million yuan, the net purchase amount of the first; followed by Hengrui medicine, the cumulative net buying 292 million yuan, ranked second this week, although only the Sinopec; list two times, but the total net purchase amount of more than billion. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai shares through the capital has always been to buy blue chips as the main subject, this week the prefix stock was hot, but Shanghai shares through the capital but not to these prefix in the blue chip Chinese sought, construction, railway construction, railway and other China Chinese week were through the Shanghai Stock funds sold a net. From the market performance this week, Shanghai shares through actively traded stocks rose an average of only 1.28%, slightly stronger than the market, only 3 in the prefix stock this week rose over 10%, but have been through the Shanghai stock funds sold a net. The performance point of view, this Wednesday began intensive quarterly disclosure, but Shanghai shares through transactions of shares without a just announced three quarterly, prosper optoelectronics, Datong Qinhuangdao railway announced in advance in the three quarter. Specifically, Hengtong photoelectric 1~9 months is expected to achieve 1 billion 6 million yuan net profit of ~12.07 billion yuan, up 150% to 200% over the same period last year, a substantial increase in performance is because the company adhere to the four transformation of development strategy, strengthen the integration of science and technology innovation and business and development, formed a relatively complete industrial chain of communication and power, comprehensive profitability significantly improved on the one hand, business profits; optical communication network communication products, marine electric power products to maintain sustained growth; on the other hand, the company acquired excellent network technology, telecommunications, electric power company three Guomai Wanshan included in the consolidated financial statements, increasing the combined profit, at the same time, the three quarter of相关的主题文章: