Shaoguan 2 temple bell is a group of people who stole the value of 10 million-cashmere mafia

Shaoguan 2 temple bell is a group of people with the value of stolen more than 10 Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Wang Cian Liu Sanrui) June 2015, Shaoguan bridge Renhua county Zhen Wang Temple and the ancient bell like Wen Shao Zhen Hualin temple has been Shixing Renhua, a group of villagers stole. The day before the court of first instance to the Renhua county theft sentenced the defendant Lee, Qiubamou, Lingmou, Ling, Liu Nan some 3 years 5 months to 2 years of imprisonment, and fined 30 thousand to 10 thousand yuan. The court found that in June 19, 2015, the defendant Lee, Qiubamou, Lingmou conspired to bridge the Renhua county Zhen Wang Temple as theft agreed by Lingmou Guzhong, responsible for stealing the bell, the acquisition of Lee, Qiubamou partnership. On 21 May 23 PM, Lee driving a van carrying Lingmou, Ling and some officials, laimou (handled separately) carrying hydraulic shears and car tyre, Qiubamou is driving a motorcycle to go to the town of river bridge. Lee and Qiubamou in waiting for the river, Lingmou, Ling, officer, can laimou with hydraulic shears, trolleys and automobile tires to swim across the river like Wang Temple theft "Welsend furnace made" a clock, the 6 together will be moved to Lee van Guzhong, Li Dong Ling a, a, a,, Ling can rely on a total of 2000 yuan. The next day, Lee driving a van will be shipped to Qiubamou Guzhong home. On 25 May, compensation to the sweetness of Lee, Lingmou Ling, some, Liu Nan Liu and (handled separately) across the Renhua county Wen Shao Zhen Hualin Temple steal iron Pu led a new "clock, and the clock hiding in Qiubamou home near the forest. The next day, Lee, Qiubamou each took 2000 yuan to Lingmou, Ling can, Liu Nan Liu and 4 equally. After the incident, the public security organ in the June 28, 2015 to October 20th the defendant arrested two clocks and recover stolen. The provincial cultural relics identification station identification, like Wang Temple stolen from the Qing Emperor Qianlong year "Welsend furnace made of cast iron bell 3 of precious cultural relics, the value of RMB 38000 yuan; Hualinsi stolen tomorrow Shun 2 years" iron lead Po Niu bell "as the precious cultural relics in the secondary, the value of RMB 75000 yuan. Renhua court held that the defendant Lee, Qiubamou, Lingmou, Ling, Liu Nan can be a certain illegal possession for the purpose of stealing cultural relics, a huge amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of theft. In the common crime, the defendant Lee, Qiubamou, Lingmou plays a major role, is the principal, the defendant Mou, Liu Nan Ling is a played a secondary role, is an accomplice, can be lighter or mitigated punishment according to law. The five defendants justice can truthfully confessed the main facts of the crime, pleaded guilty in court, be given a lighter punishment. Two clocks stolen has been recovered, but also on the defendant appropriate sentences. But the defendant Liu Nan a year for the theft of administrative punishment, punishment should be taken into account. Accordingly, the hospital made the above decision.

韶关2个古寺的大钟被一伙人盗走 价值10余万南方日报讯 (记者 毕式明 通讯员 汪次安 刘三瑞)2015年6月,韶关市仁化县大桥镇旺象寺和闻韶镇华林寺的古钟先后被仁化、始兴两地的一伙村民盗走。日前,仁化县法院一审以盗窃罪分别判处被告人李某、丘拔某、凌某、凌可某、刘南某3年5个月至2年不等的有期徒刑,并处罚金3万至1万元。法院经审理查明,2015年6月19日,被告人李某、丘拔某、凌某合谋到仁化县大桥镇旺象寺盗窃古钟,商定由凌某负责偷钟,李某、丘拔某合伙收购。同月21日23时许,李某驾驶一辆面包车搭载凌某、凌可某以及官某、赖某(另案处理)携带液压剪和汽车内胎,丘拔某则驾驶一辆三轮摩托车一起去到大桥镇的河边。李某与丘拔某在河边等待,凌某、凌可某、官某、赖某带着液压剪、手推车和汽车内胎游泳过河去旺象寺盗得“万声炉造”古钟一个,6人合力将古钟搬到李某的面包车上后,李东给凌某、凌可某、官某、赖某共2000元。次日,李某驾驶面包车将古钟运到丘拔某家中。同月25日,偿到甜头后的李某、凌某、凌可某、刘南某与刘某(另案处理)窜到仁化县闻韶镇华林寺盗得“铁蒲牵纽”古钟一个,并将古钟藏匿在丘拔某家附近的竹林里。次日,李某、丘拔某各拿出2000元给凌某、凌可某、刘南某与刘某4人平分。案发后,公安机关于2015年6月28日至10月20日先后将各被告人抓获归案,并追回被盗的两个古钟。经广东省文物鉴定站鉴定,旺象寺被盗的清乾隆九年“万声炉造”铸铁钟为三级珍贵文物,价值人民币38000元;华林寺被盗明天顺二年“铁蒲牵纽钟”为珍贵文物二级,价值人民币75000元。仁化法院经审理认为,被告人李某、丘拔某、凌某、凌可某、刘南某以非法占有为目的,盗窃文物,数额巨大,其行为均已构成盗窃罪。在共同犯罪中,被告人李某、丘拔某、凌某起主要作用,是主犯,被告人凌可某、刘南某起次要作用,是从犯,依法可以从轻或减轻处罚。五被告人归案后均能如实供述主要犯罪事实,当庭认罪,可以从轻处罚。被盗的两个古钟已追缴,亦可对各被告人酌情从轻处罚。但被告人刘南某一年内曾因盗窃受过行政处罚,量刑时应予以考虑。据此,该院作出了上述判决。相关的主题文章: