Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic First Street Chinese breakthrough growing pains

Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic First Street Chinese breakthrough: growing pains "Chinese electronic First Street" Chinese Huaqiang North Electronic First Street Huaqiang North, is going through the throes of transformation and upgrading. The Asia’s largest distribution center for electronic products, have profit decline in recent years, the empty shop tide, Weidang road flow reduction crisis. According to 2015, director of market supervision administration of Shenzhen Futian branch Huaqiang North Lin Weidong revealed to the media situation in the region, the lowest part of the mall rental rate even fell to 30%. But in the heyday of the Huaqiang North, was "hard to find a shop". Behind the crisis, is experiencing the impact of the electricity supplier, strengthen intellectual property, all sorts of baptism and upgrading of the city, facing the transformation of the development pattern of old Huaqiang north. But it’s a tough place. At the beginning of this year, the Shenzhen city building in the Pearl River Delta Shuangcheng Biennale 2 "forum, Chen Yanping, Dean of the College of architecture and city planning of Shenzhen University said that the planning in Huaqiang North constantly compromise and concessions, the government and the market together, let Huaqiang North always have new things. If put in the production base of global manufacturing industry more new round of displacement under the background of Huaqiang North may be decide on what path to follow, the epitome of transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen. This year, China’s electronic information Expo, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui introduction, in 2015, Shenzhen electronic information industry accounted for nearly 1/6 of the country’s output value. In this industry, Huaqiang North has an indispensable position. This is only 1.45 square kilometers, is located in Shenzhen, Futian District area, east to west, Shangbu Road, Wah Fu Road North Hongli Road, South to the deep south, to become Asia’s largest distribution center for electronic products in the past 30 years, out of the Tencent, SKYWORTH and other famous enterprises. Is the predecessor of Shenzhen, Huaqiang North Industrial Zone, China city planning and Design Institute, former dean Li Xiaojiang said, like this is not only in the city center, is the low cost of space, and the soil is the source of city innovation. In the new round of development in China, we should try to retain such space. In 2008 tenth China international hi tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the fair), Huaqiang North won the "Chinese electronic First Street" of the title, the mobile phone is one of the important industries. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter recently quoted the Shenzhen Industry Association said, Huaqiang North of mobile phone shipments up to 100 million units per year or more, the domestic market shipments accounted for twenty to ten percent nationwide. In addition, for from all over the world hit off the team, rich electronic components category makes Huaqiang North almost become synonymous with hardware paradise ", which has become the current Shenzhen attract many hardware entrepreneurs natural advantages. However, the old model of Huaqiang North has been in trouble. Recently, the reporter visited the Huaqiang North area, in some markets, see is still crowded and messy scene, the counter is littered with all kinds of electronic accessories, some shops and counters posted a notice for lease. "Business is getting harder and harder." Many businesses are lamented. In this year, a mobile phone and accessories for the purification of the market, the vicinity of the real estate intermediary told reporters, with a)相关的主题文章: