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College-University The Symbiosis Institute of International Business has a lot to offer to students aspiring to get the much needed edge and escalate the growth of their career. From being amongst the few colleges in the country to offer the Symbiosis Dual Degree Program in International Business to conducting programs like the MBA in Agribusiness and MBA in Energy, SIIB is easily amongst the leading B-schools of the country. One of the first institutes to respond to the need of the hour during the era of liberalization, SIIB initially offered training in the domain of international business alone. Continuing with MBA in International Business as its flagship program, the institute has now added several other specializations over the years. As a tradition, SIIB has always been recognized for taking up challenging endeavors, be it learning methodologies adapted or curriculum practiced. One such initiative is the MBA in Agribusiness program that the institute currently offers. In spite of being an agriculture based economy, there are very few colleges of MBA in Pune and around the country that offer students an opportunity to pursue specialization in the agribusiness domain. SIIB was amongst the few institutes in the country to respond to this requirement and .e up with a program designed especially for students interested to take up agribusiness as a career. Its association to the prestigious Symbiosis brand has ensured that the programs at SIIB are constantly updated according to the evolving dynamics of the industry. So, be it the MBA in International Business, MBA in Agribusiness or an MBA in Energy, be rest assured that you will never be out of tune from the industry if you pursue the course at SIIB. In fact, features like state of the art infrastructure, best in terms of academic training and practical exposure are a guarantee when it .es pursuing any of the programs at SIIB. The SIIB campus also holds the distinction of being recognized as a good institute for energy and environment studies as well. With changing times agriculture has also seen a lot of advancement and now offers multiple career opportunities. However, due to the lack of proper training, a lot of these opportunities are wasted. At SIIB, the focus is to address this situation, identify the gap and deliver industry ready professionals to the agribusiness domain through its MBA in Agribusiness program. The industry experts invited to teach at SIIB have a reputed experience of being a part of some of the worlds biggest agribusiness firms in the world. Not only are the able to share their experience with the students but also their extensive understanding about several .plicated concepts. This further enhances the learning of the students. In fact, the MBA in Agribusiness program at SIIB has all the basic features covered in the usual MBA in Symbiosis apart from an extensive understanding of agriculture sector. The program also includes real time references to the agriculture scenario on the national and international level to make it easier for students to learn. Currently, the MBA in Agribusiness is the best bet for students wanting to contribute to the economy and build a grand career as well in the new age India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: