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Since learned the 3 trick photography skills to make friends network red lead and I go out to play: every time and friends to shoot photos are always a bit just passable. I feel like I’m not that ugly. This is estimated to be the common troubles of many people. (from: fashion COSMO) since the 3 strokes to learn photography skills, red net and I want to make friends is actually very simple, it is because you didn’t see the "Red Net Photo Book ~ now in front of you, 5 minutes of their get~ kanenori package. First, learn to pose well, half of the success of the photo. Not too rigid, too casual, such as what is the hunchback, do not have. Capture posture: usually pretended not to know what was taken, the most natural this beat out the effect. A look around, but not the main effect of snap shot of this trick is "don’t look at the camera lens", are suspected of staged, so don’t just watch. Even if the front shot directly, you also need to install invisible, eyes look to the other direction. The most useful is to see, one is shot out of the face, the two is the picture more interesting. The very busy, in a hurry to give a person a kind of dress too good-looking, passers-by are rushing to beat the feeling. You only need a chest rise, strode forward, aura naturally came out, very busy, on Beckham is a model of fast ah ~ busy busy, what time what you shoot ~ not everyone has Beckham that how to make fashion "cold face" other people feel or picture feeling weak, can try to pretend to drag sunglasses. Naturally, there will be no suspicion of posing.   can try to fake sunglasses. Natural and not have suspected the phone shot swing, playing in the hands of mobile phone use props, is the most simple mobile phone, side dozen the side walk, or stop playing mobile phone, take a picture of the effect will be very natural. Make a phone call, play a natural swing pose: Yes, the swing is also divided into a variety of, first of all, said some of the more natural way to shoot. The micro knees to erect shoot more awkward, slightly bent knees is not the same, easy to learn, focus on one leg, another bent slightly bent. The body slightly bent slightly side leg bending 15 degrees, this is an upgraded version of the above, legs bent more, a strong sense of the picture, omitted side of the body is also easier to shoot 34 face, face significant. The body slightly side 15 degrees, a leg bending the legs cross this estimate we are not unfamiliar, each camera test accurate, can shoot long legs directly. When crossing legs crossed legs flat remember slightly on tiptoe in general, is more commonly used before crossing the legs. Of course, you can also try to cross legs, this mainly depends on personal habits, how comfortable how to shoot their pictures ~ the sideways understand, slim figure. Small waist, buttocks, small thin legs curve sense are more prominent ~ is a simple and sketchy action ~ good use no words.相关的主题文章: