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Singapore market vacancy rate hit a maximum of ten years, the rental prices fell to try also, [Technews] new technology technology Sohu of Singapore economy appeared serious warning, GDP the third quarter of negative growth fell below 4.1% many experts, is the worst in four years. Singapore economic winter direct impact on the retail industry, coupled with the market space of excess supply, consumer spending and saving, the third quarter of Singapore shopping center vacancy rate rose to the highest in ten years. Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) reported that in the third quarter, even if the rent fell by 1.5%, Singapore shopping malls idle index rose to 8.4%, the highest record in September 2006. Decline in shopping space demand, mainly because of a slowdown in economic growth, consumer spending cuts, and turn to online shopping and shopping space due to excessive supply, resulting in falling rents, the next three years, Singapore will release 4 million Ping mall space. Singaporeans are also technically savvy consumers in Asia, with a higher share of online shopping than Hongkong and Malaysia, while Singapore’s retail market has also been affected by the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the impact of Chinese tourists. Visitors to Singapore rose in 2015, but consumer spending fell for the first time in six years. Not only the retail boom was winter, office building owners because of excessive supply and difficult to maintain rental prices, even if rents in the third quarter fell 1.1%, but the office vacancy rate rose to a four year high, the third quarter quarter office price minus 0.4%, the previous quarter fell 1.5%. Residential rents also fell 1.2%, the lowest since June 2010, the third quarter of Singapore prices fell 1.5%, the largest decline since June 2009, and has even decline in the 12 quarter, since the 1975 publication of the report, the longest losing streak, mainly because the government of Singapore in 2009 to recover the assets does not imply that a policy of containment, the real fight is not soft, let developers have to discount. Singapore’s current economic situation is not very good, the future is not optimistic, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Shandaman said last month that the Singapore economy will go through a long period of difficulty". Trade and Industry Minister Lin Xunqiang also said that the next few years, Singapore may face negative economic growth. The worst performance in the third quarter is the manufacturing sector, output shrank by 17.4% this year, GDP growth rate is expected to be able to protect the next year, the economic situation is difficult to significantly improved in. The economic downturn also let the job market become more pessimistic, MAS said that over the past six months the number of layoffs has increased, the proportion of laid-off employees to return to the workplace has dropped from 50.5% in December 2015 to 45%, the lowest since June 2009. (source: Flickr SwaminathanCC BY the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: