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Business One way to achieve speed and amazing performance is through the turbocharger. You need not only know the basic concept and technology behind it you also have to make a choice between a single turbo and a twin turbo, that is, if you want a taste of power. A turbocharger is practically a turbine that is fuel-driven. Its basically .presses the air that .es into it in order to increase the power and the torque in the engine. .pressing air and increasing density heed more atoms of air and more atoms of fuel into the engine. All those things equate to more power, more speed. Increasing the air density means harvesting more oxygen for the burn. The energy that results will drive the piston that will bring forth the .pressed air. There are cars that have a twin turbo engine. Twin setup refers to an engine that runs two turbochargers to handle the .pression. Let us discuss some of the differences between the two. Twin Turbo, produce power faster using 4 cylinders each turbocharger for the spooling. There is less lag in this setup. Boosts are achieved at lower RPMs. Ideal for everyday driving on the streets. A twin turbo setup costs more than a single turbo coversion. Twin turbochargers are best for V-type of engines. Smoother operation of the engine. Two smaller turbochargers are cheaper than a large one. Single Turbo, a single turbo requires all 8 cylinders in order to build some boost, produces good results for drag racing, which needs extremely high power, single turbo engines are easier to set up. There are super large single setups that can support up to 1500BHP, can create real power but there is that unwanted lag. Some problems may occur in the setup but they are easier to fix and less expensive too. Doesn’t take up much space in the car. Better cooling, Higher boost can be achieved, There is considerable lagging and easier to plumb since there is no need for cross-plumbing of the exhaust Re.mendations; Below 900bhp requirements can be handled pretty well by a single turbocharger but if you want to reduce the lag, two smaller turbochargers are the way to go. For an engine with a V-type layout, go for the twin turbo setup. For an engine with an Inline layout, go for the single turbocharger. There are some cars that came out of the factory with twin turbo systems that are being converted to single turbochargers. There are some who want to change their single petrol turbo with the twins. This really depends on what car and engine are concerned, as well as the preferences of the owner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: