Skoda to enhance the sense of movement Jingrui new definition and new network – in the sense of cont lightscape

Skoda: to enhance the sense of movement Jingrui new definition and control – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, if the remote control toy is children’s favorite, so a very sporty, control car is undoubtedly the adult big toy". Skoda’s brand A0 car not only has the crystalline dynamic fashion appearance, provides a robust and reliable performance of the power control. The crystalline Skoda brand new design language, body width increased 90mm than the previous generation models, horizontal lines plus expansion type four wheel and the front vehicle uses a lot of design everywhere precise straight lines, both through the extensive use of the V type solid family from the hood, the edge to the body around the waist line after the line, creating a dynamic angular, confident sports fan. In addition, Jingrui sports version of also incorporates multiple dynamic design, equipped with a cool black top and high light black B column, exterior rearview mirror cover and cooling grille frame, honeycomb grille and movement with 16 inch black dynamic fine car hub. Crystalline with the Volkswagen Group’s new EA211 engine, 1.4L and 1.6L two power options. Among them, the 1.4L engine speed reached the highest power of 66kW at 5500 rpm, peak torque of 132N? 1.6L; the engine speed reaches the highest power 81kW at 5800 rpm, the maximum torque of 155N?, low speed high torque characteristics bring strong start and acceleration. Match with the 5 speed manual gearbox, 6 speed automatic transmission and mature agile, can make timely and accurate feedback on power output. Anatase crystal using the EPS precision electronic power steering system, vehicle speed steering wheel steady, low speed steering wheel steering light, make more accurate "obedient". It is worth mentioning that the elite is equipped with ESP electronic vehicle stability system of the leading, covering up to 13 extensions, effectively enhance the stability of the vehicle and security.相关的主题文章: