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SONY head wearing a headset can retain new voice filtering noise The Verge Chinese station reported on September 3rd for a headset, there is a big problem, that is to enjoy the music at the same time, cannot hear outside sounds useful. Wearing headphones, do not want to chat with friends, if in public places, then the car horn or other warning sounds, it seems to be isolated by their headphones. Although these headset can play a noise reduction effect, but it seems that sometimes it is a delay. And now, SONY is looking forward to bringing this MDR-1000X IFA in order to solve this problem. Yes, MDR-1000X provides a variety of different noise reduction mode, can be screened in all sound, filtering and other different effects of environmental noise switching. MDR-1000X allows us to listen to the music as quietly as possible, we can still hear the sound from the surrounding environment. At the time of the test, I tried to talk to the people around me while wearing MDR-1000X. Yes, although the whole process is a bit awkward, but MDR-1000X let me listen to music at the same time to listen to the next person to speak, although the process is still a bit difficult. In addition, SONY is also equipped with a touch control panel for MDR-1000X, and in the noise reduction mode can also be achieved directly through the buttons on the headset. In the filtering mode, MDR-1000X offers three options, which are completely closed (surround sound into), filtering (only useful environmental audio and voice) mode (keep around vocal). At the same time, SONY also through the MDR-1000X built-in microphone to record and amplify the external voice, which also led to the voice we receive is not very natural. But this is not much of a problem, as long as you can listen to the content, basically can achieve the purpose of listening to music while talking with the outside world. In addition, SONY also said that MDR-1000X equipped with the best in the history of noise reduction technology, although I do not know what is the best in history, but in the test, the bass effect is indeed very good. MDR-1000X in the noise reduction effect also depends on our hair, glasses and even different ear bones, and different curvature and the environment can also affect the noise reduction effect of MDR-1000X. These are done automatically, we only need a button, you can automatically analyze how to reduce noise. In terms of quality, MDR-1000X also did not let us down, I tested a piece of jazz music, MDR-1000X performance as always high quality. MDR-1000X with black and brown two colors in the design of common low-key, is expected in October this year on sale. But SONY has not announced the specific price of MDR-1000X. (original author: Jacob Kastrenakes compiler: Bear) Click to view the original English text [The Verge works of the United States related to the rights and interests of all Tencent Inc]相关的主题文章: