Students love one yuan purchase hit nearly 1000 yuan only to grab 1 u-freyja

Students love "one yuan purchase hit nearly 1000 yuan only to grab 1 U disk yesterday, people wearing little (a pseudonym) call the" Anyang Evening News "said that he saw a push one yuan purchase message, said only 1 yuan, can Amoy to the iPhone mobile phone, wearing the small the temptation, try to participate in. Who knows the investment of nearly a thousand dollars, just grab a U disk. One yuan purchase general merchandise premium winner only small businessman is a sophomore at Anyang Normal University, often online shopping some daily necessities. Not long ago, he saw a dollar purchase message push. He couldn’t resist the temptation to get involved. Anyway, only need 1 dollars, not too much, 1, 2, and 10……" Once, he grabbed a U disk 32G, the winning let him indulge in "one yuan purchase". Less than a month’s time, he had nearly a thousand dollars living expenses are built in, but then grab the charging treasure, he could not grab the other items. What is meant by "one yuan purchase"? In simple terms, that is, consumers only need to pay 1 yuan, there is a chance to get a lot of expensive goods; and if you do not get, no return of $1. In fact, consumers buy one yuan to buy goods, not to buy the ownership of the goods, but a chance to draw. "One yuan purchase" let many people immersed in the small is big, a lot of illusion, but behind the fraud trap blind. Reporter log on to the platform, the pattern is similar, each item is divided into several parts, participants can buy one or more. When all the parts sold after all, by the system according to the platform rules calculate the final winners. For example, a site of one dollar grab it, which has a mobile phone products, bicycles, watches, razors, self timer, etc.. The reporter points to open a "razor", show the need for 756 people invested 1 yuan money to participate in the lottery, but in fact this shaver isn’t worth 756 yuan, a premium high. If there is no 756 people involved, the goods will not put money into lottery, consumers will not be returned. Lawyer: "one yuan purchase" suspected of illegal gambling play edge ball suspect this thick Henan lawyer Song Kun said, "one yuan purchase pattern looks very fresh, attract a lot of people try". But in fact, according to the definition and mode of one yuan purchase this kind of website, buy lottery, combined with the network analysis method, although this is not strictly the lottery, but its nature is exactly the same with the lottery. "Lottery management regulations", "lottery issuers to apply for the creation of lottery varieties should be approved by the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council or the State Council sports administrative departments". The one dollar purchase under the guise of the Internet, new formats, to lure users to irrational purchase behavior, the moment has produced many hidden dangers and problems. For example, commercial customer service into the problem of the existence of secret operations, rights raffle etc.. "One yuan" model for gaming play edge ball, illegal suspects. He reminded consumers, online shopping, be careful, one yuan purchase, poisoning". (Anyang Network – Anyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: