Students must know 8 math skills, get high marks properly! Sohu –

Students must know 8 math skills, get high marks properly! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand mathematics is the primary school curriculum highlights, but some children had no understanding of mathematical concepts, or be negligent, it is difficult to lay a solid foundation. In fact, mathematics is a live course, when the teacher teaching way too many children but it is difficult to absorb every rhythm. Here, this article describes the 8 Magic Math tips, mom and dad so teach children, let the children no longer complain about math is very difficult. Bibi numbers have lower grade pupils in hours than digital, easy to use the wrong "<" and ">" the two comparison sign. Parents may wish to let the children remember that the direction of the symbol is like a crocodile mouth, of course, the greater the more delicious! 99 multiplication table multiplication table 99 very difficult to recite? In fact, as long as the ten digits from the writing of the 9, the number of digits from the number of 9 to the number of 0, immediately write the complete form. Examination is more relaxed! Two digit multiplication (more than 90) of the multiplication of the figure of two is very easy for the child to count the number, in particular, more than 90 of the more difficult to multiply. In fact, with this simple technique, such as 97×96=9312, take as long as 100 minus the multiplier and multiplicand, the answer is multiplied with the sum to take out the answer put in the back, with 100 reduction plus out of the sum back in front, answer to magic and the traditional algorithm of a mode of a kind. Try it! Two and 11 digit multiplication of any two digit and 11 digit multiplication, as long as ten and a digit sum apart, then insert the middle ten digits and a digit, don’t bother to take to go by. The fractions will find the least common multiple of two and then calculating the denominator. But in fact, as long as the painting butterfly in formula to solve. The butterfly wings ring in part written in the antennae multiplied together, each other is the sum of the answer molecules, then the denominator multiplied, is the answer. Subtraction is the same way, as long as the antennae in digital subtraction can be changed. Figure: the fractional and integer multiplication and integer denominator between a line and calculate the 24 is 6 times 4, and then connect the wires to the molecular 3, 6 multiplied by 3, the answer 18 out so easily. Calculate the percentage of the percentage, in fact, "%" can offset two zero. Such as the calculation of "300 12%", just after the "300" two "0" can be removed, their "%", the rest is "3×12=36", is not very easy. If the two numbers have a digit is "0", the netizen also provides another way: ten by ten formula: head by head, tail and tail, tail by tail cases: 12× 14=? Formula: 1&t drawing algorithm相关的主题文章: