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Sudden cardiac death caused by another big risk of running out of the blood caused by fainting – a few days before the Sohu sports, a middle-aged man running in the news of the sudden death in the heat of the WeChat group. Thus, in addition to our attention to sudden cardiac death while running, the doctor also reminds us of another kind of running risk. Another night of sudden death from the news, can not help but make people feel heavy, but also reminds me of a patient who had been treated. Xiao Xu is a engineer, usually to work at the desk, from time to time to work overtime. In order to maintain a healthy body, he had a fitness card, download the fitness app, and finally chose the – night run. Night run, as its name implies, is the choice of running at night. For this day to catch a morning peak, after work on time commuter, is a way to get both shoot two hawks with one arrow, exercise, and a good way to relax after work. A suit of sports clothes, a pair of jogging shoes, may add a heart rate calculation of the sports watch, a sports headset music player, is a full set of equipment. This is compared to several thousand yuan fitness cards and private lessons, is high quality and inexpensive. Also, running or legendary aerobic exercise, Xiao Xu thought this ah. Ran a few times, the amount of exercise on WeChat also a few back to the top of the list, Xiao Xu can be described as a surge of confidence, the registration of the unit marathon activities, but I did not expect, this is something wrong. The organization’s marathon is on weekends in a forest sports park. Facilities, there are slow runway, there are kilometers of signs, it is convenient, the family can also picnic, is a good group building activities. Xiao Xu is the backbone for the promotion, not only their own entries, and also the activities of the organization, to colleagues cheering, take photos, is a busy day, did not drink a few slobber, eat what. In the afternoon, his whole person some flustered, head of their own that is low, have dizzy spells, eat a piece of chocolate also did not care about colleagues. But after a while, serious — fainted, his mouth mutter, talk rubbish, family and colleagues rushed him to a nearby hospital. Check, creatine phosphokinase, low blood potassium, blood that the blood concentration, emergency physician judgment, Xiao Xu this is obvious due to high temperature and intense movement of heatstroke, commonly known as "heat", accompanied by rhabdomyolysis. Given the fluid and other symptomatic treatment, and pay close attention to changes in renal function and other related indicators, Xiao Xu soon regained consciousness and restored to health. Emergency department doctor told Xu, heatstroke and rhabdomyolysis is very dangerous, some may cause acute renal failure, but also a serious life-threatening, advised Xiao Xu in improved, and then to the hospital for examination system. Xiao Xu feel that he has always been very healthy, but this is too tired to be a problem, there is no heart. After Xiao Xu or one night running fitness, there is no danger of fainting and so on. After a period of time, Xiao Xu felt always feel very tired, sometimes flustered, was "bang" bounce, the legs were too early in the morning to get up and wash, even directly fell on the bed, he could not stand. Frightened family, sent to Chaoyang medical.相关的主题文章: