Super Mario settled app store Nintendo shares soared nearly 29% brock lesnar

"Super Mario" in App Store Nintendo shares soared nearly 29% in Beijing Thursday morning, apple held a new fall conference, also announced to cooperate with Nintendo, then Nintendo shares soared, rose over 28%. Nintendo designer Miyamoto Shige (ShigeruMiyamoto) present in the apple iPhone7 conference, he announced a message beyond all expectations: the latest Nintendo Mobile Games "super Mario run" (SuperMarioRun) will be the exclusive landing iPhone and iPad in December, PokemonGo will run on Apple Watch. Miyamoto Shige said, super Mario only pay once you can enjoy all the contents of the game. According to smart finance understanding, super Mario game is very simple, Mario does not stop to go to the right, the user does not stop click on the screen to let Mario jump up the collection of gold coins, each level must be completed within the stipulated time. But unlike other traditional games, the game can be played with one hand. In addition, there is a game mode toad rally". Nintendo cooperation with apple, Nintendo is a big move. Over the years, Nintendo has been reluctant to launch games in addition to its own equipment. Analysts said that this is likely to move to the end of Nintendo game changes. Nintendo investors overjoyed, Nintendo’s stock price rose 28.79%, closing at $36.32. In fact, the market has been looking forward to Nintendo to enter the field of hand travel, because Nintendo’s game sales have been going downhill. With the popular hand travel PokemonGO is different, super Mario run is developed inside Nintendo, which will make investors feel more cool. Earlier this year, Nintendo’s share price fell sharply as investors realized that Nintendo could not turn the business of the PokemonGO phenomenon into revenue. This is because PokemonGO developer Niantic announced that the game will be landing AppleWatch, which makes Nintendo looks like a supporting role.相关的主题文章: