Taihao Tellhow group successive reduction of first shareholder or Shanrang-wetnwild

Taihao Tellhow group successive reduction of first shareholder or the demise of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find the Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang Tellhow (600590) September 21st evening announcement the company’s largest shareholder, Tellhow group in September 20th block trading by way of reduction of 10 million shares, accounting for 1.5% of the total equity of the company, to reduce the price of 16.63 yuan shares. The former holdings, Tellhow group holds 20.13% stake in science and technology. After the reduction, Tellhow group stake of 18.63%. E company, the Securities Times reporter also noted that in September 20th the seller Tellhow group block trading business department of Everbright Securities Nanchang South Plaza Road Securities Business Department, two batches to sell 10 million shares. Don’t CITIC Securities Shanghai humin Road Securities Business Department to buy part of business (6 million shares), Shenwan Hong Yuan Securities Co. Ltd. Shanghai Songjiang District Renmin Road Securities Business Department (4 million shares), block trading discount rate of 11.73%. In September 21st, the science and technology to reproduce the bulk transaction, sell side still Everbright Securities Nanchang South Plaza Road Securities Business Department, sold amount to 10 million shares. China and Thailand securities Shanghai Jianguo Road Securities Business Department, China Merchants Securities Shenzhen East Gate Road Securities Sales Department to buy 5 million shares, the discount rate was 11.73%. Because the seller of the business department, the two day sell side block trading is likely to Tellhow group. If so, this batch of Tellhow group has holdings of 20 million shares, accounting for 3% of the total share capital of science and technology, the shareholding ratio of Tellhow group or has dropped to 17.13%. And the second largest shareholder Tellhow Tongfang shareholding ratio of 15.37%, two have been very close. If there is a further reduction of Taihao group action, Tellhow the location of the first major shareholders may return to tongfang. Prior to this, the position of the first major shareholder Tellhow conversion. By the end of 1999, the predecessor of Tellhow Tsinghua Taihao Technology Co. Ltd. by the limited liability company is changed into a joint stock company, shares the same side as the first major shareholder, holding 35%; Jiangxi (now Tsinghua Tellhow group) is the second largest shareholder, holding 27.5%. The science and technology shares listed in 2002, continue to change, but the non-public issue until 2014 before the first major shareholder is shares the same side, is the second largest shareholder Tellhow group. In 2014, Tellhow announced plans set by the company to the Taihe Group and other non-public offering of shares 112 million 420 thousand shares, raising not more than 850 million yuan. Tellhow group to subscribe for nearly 40 million shares, shares the same side did not participate in the. July 2015, the above set of programs approved by the Commission approved, followed by the completion of the implementation. The science and technology first, the two largest shareholder position this conversion, the shareholding ratio of shares the same side from 20.25% to 16.55%, Tellhow group shareholding ratio rose to 21.68%, the host of Tellhow相关的主题文章: