Taiwan veterans 40 years after returning to the mainland mother when you say to buy things, buy what cagliari exchange

A veteran of 40 years after the return to the mainland mother: when you say to buy things, buy what Lang Yun progenitor father, grandmother and uncle recently, a Taiwanese speaking nostalgic past video, make a lot of friends moved to cry. "In 1949, millions of people left their hometown to Taiwan, my father was one of them, before telling him my grandma said to her, I go out to buy things, come back soon. This walk is 40 years. With the opening of the two sides, in 1988, the father finally can go home. My grandmother sobbed out voice, skinny hand quivering, pointing to my father said ‘hello to you, when you told me to go out to buy things, for 40 years, I waited for you for 40 years, you are what to buy good stuff back. " My father was crying. "Mom, I’m sorry, mom, I’m sorry."" The incident comes from the September 16th issue of "I’m an orator," Taiwan’s Lang Zuyun (Taiwan actor, who is well known in the Performing Arts), about her family’s return home. "Nostalgia is like a shallow strait, me on this side and the mainland on the other". This "long way home" speech, it is not only a family of Jun Lang Zu story, more representative of the memories of the time. 1987, mainland Taiwan open cross-strait visit. The streets of Taiwan there are a lot of white haired veteran, wearing their home T-shirts, hand holding a "white haired mother hope children to keep empty red curtain, I want to go home" slogan. But not everyone can go home. Separated from each other for more than 30 years, and even no communication, how many loved ones lost contact, or has been separated from heaven and man. This point, Lang jun family is lucky progenitor. In 1988, Lang Jun and ancestral parents embarked on a return journey. Her mother, married for the first time in 24 years to see her mother; and she, also the first time to see grandma. Turn from Hongkong, when the team turned a long row. These people home are so young, but this time, they are in high and vigorous spirits, everyone is sweating, a face of the wind. There is a common belief in their hearts – I want to go home. When the plane landed, Lang Jun Zu describe their feelings: "Oh, my gosh, this is, ah, this is seen in the book I had, I actually came to the mainland, I think it is unbelievable." In February 17th of that year, the family, who had been separated for 40 years, finally sat down and had a reunion dinner. This section of the story after 40 years of reunion, although there are some speeches on the track, but also because of the true and the story of the times moved the scene of the audience, but also touched the onlookers netizens. And Lang Zuyun’s last words, the most impressive. She said, "we have no way to change the past, the age of people caused by separation, even if another channel is long, even more distant years are not against people who want to go home, miss family attachment." Yes, the times have made the difference, but we can’t change the past. Today, the two sides to achieve the "three links" for decades, the mainland market fully open to Taiwan, the cross-strait civil exchanges for a long time in a friendly and intimate state. Only hope that the family lives of human tragedy, never in taiwan.相关的主题文章: