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Teach children, smile to yourself, WeChat to others! – Sohu smile on their own, WeChat smile to others is far more than the expression of pleasure, psychological research tells you the ten functions of smiling, using them to smile into your advantage. People are always smiling, not just said he was very happy, sometimes even the opposite, especially in the collective. People smile for a social purpose, just because they can tell us a lot. [] smile can win the trust, understanding, communication, to pay for the bad mood, avoid careless smile to dispel pain, only happy, smiling, to attract high perspicacity smile to hide the truth like smile, wealth, won the world smile. Psychological experts say it is not easy to train a smile. Put a smile on the mirror every day is very boring. Sales staff can be mostly strangers, only to make their sales psychology smile cordial, cheerful, it is possible to allow customers to open their hearts, frankly accept. The training methods are as follows in the mirror smile training sitting before the mirror, clean clothes, with a pleasant mood, breathe naturally smooth, meditation for 3 seconds, began to smile: closed lips, mouth slightly tilted, facial muscles stretch; at the same time pay attention to eye coordination, do a stretch. So many times. Training time length. In order to make the effect obvious, you can put the background music. Simulation training smile light alloy lips; hands forefinger (the remaining four fingers naturally put together), finger butt, put in front of the mouth 15 to 20 cm; let the two finger to slow and even to move around, to open 5 to 10 cm distance. At the same time with the two finger moving lips synchronous increase spread angle, and a beautiful smile formed in the mind, let a smile for a few seconds; two finger again slow and even closer to the center, at the same time, until the phase; smile lips began to slowly recover synchronization. It needs to be reminded that it is important to train a smile to take it slowly. Don’t suddenly stop smiling. The emotion induction training tries to seek the outside thing induction, the stimulation, in order to cause the mood the pleasure and the excitement, thus raises the smiling method. As you love, open the pages, look at photos, pictures, in the past happy life you love to play pieces, and make yourself feel good songs and so on, in order to lead to a smile in appreciation. If possible, the best use of CCD camera down. Observe and appreciate the training of several people together to observe each other, talk, exchange, encourage, share a happy smile. Also can usually pay attention to observe the smile of others, the wonderful "lens" memory, always imitate. This is a kind of idea training has been good training base or smile smile, not on the mirror or other props, but only with the mind control, drive in order to achieve the best training method of lips, smile state. There are many benefits to this approach. One is not with the mirror, the two can be carried out quietly, whenever and wherever possible, is the best way to cultivate the consciousness and habit of smiling smile.相关的主题文章: