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Teach you how to feel Wine in tannin, acidity, sweetness and alcohol – Sohu for novices, sometimes it is very difficult to detect Wine tannin, acidity, sweetness and alcohol, in order to determine the content of what is more difficult. In fact, each human perception of tannin, acidity, sweetness and alcohol are not the same, want to know the high tannin, high acid, sweet Wine and 14% alcohol to where their stimulation, must learn how to perceive these components. Today, we teach you how to strengthen their ability of tasting. One, why should strengthen their own tasting ability? In fact, not only learn tasting will let you become a good tasting, also can make you a better understanding of what and why their love Wine love it. Of course, when you are familiar with these things, the blind will become so easy. In fact, every drink is a training process, in order to ease the Wine between, there are many small things to note in the usual drink of. So every time when drinking, may wish to carefully feel Wine tannins and acidity, sweetness and alcohol content, see if it is high or low. As you repeat again and again, you will gradually formed its own unique sense of taste, a unique tasting system. This taste experiment is dedicated to the training of basic Wine personal perception taste, your goal is to detect the different taste in mouth feeling, stimulate the point where? What is the reaction of the mouth? This tasting can own at home, and can also be friends. Even the people can also be utterly ignorant of wine, slowly forming their own sensitive point. Two, what needs to be done? (1) a bottle of red Wine; (2) a Black Tea package; (3) half a lemon; (4) a spoonful of sugar; (5) a spoonful of vodka (Vodka); (6) the 5 commonly used Wine cup (remember the number); (7) a notebook and a pen. Preparatory work: to 4 cups pour 80 mL red Wine, then turn to join the Black Tea package, lemon juice, sugar and vodka 4 cups, and then adding the liquid level and the red Wine cup belly parallel. Of course, it is best to set up a glass of wine for the normal control. Three, teach you how to feel Wine in tannin, acidity, sweetness and alcohol 1, Dan Ning (red tea) Black Tea package needs to be soaked in wine for 10 minutes, let Black Tea tannin in slowly dissolving in the cup, and then remove the tea bags. Before you drink the wine, feel the tannin in the normal wine, and if you can feel it clearly. If the feeling is not obvious or not, you can turn to drink this cup of Black Tea Wine (not to smell), and feel the difference between the two, especially from the tongue feeling. (1) when you need to think about the question, you should have your own answer. In general, you will obviously feel the 2 feelings of tannins.相关的主题文章: