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Teachers and students become husband and wife " "   "farewell" to Hai Qing Huang Lei interpretation of military " thirty-six " culture people.com.cn click into the "literary youth" > > > [star] in youth literature with the end of summer, adapted from the novel writer Lu Yingong drama "small separation" is coming to the end. Legends of a summer "separation" of "love and parting" this proposition is put in front of all the parents, but also to the 90, 00 after the children to know the meaning of "poor parents". A modern drama triggered by the halo effect in various fields will be extended to the topic of family, education and people’s livelihood, how it is connected to the earth, and what is the magic? When the school season encounter small separation, which will poke you? "Farewell" last night ending, Xiaobian take you again this thin aftertaste of realism works, and from the director Wang Jun, starring Huang Lei and Hai Qing talk, and all kinds of child stars show to find out. The plot zhichuo heart Huang Lei said "parents love for the child is to leave" as a topic of social work, "small society" separation "live abroad dilinghua" phenomenon, and thus to explore the intergenerational relationships between parents and children. When it comes to "leave", starring Huang Lei on the subject: "deep feeling" parting "is eternal, we will depart. All the love in the world is for the sake of reunion, only the parents’ love for their children is to leave." "Farewell" story around the enrollment problem of three children from three different families in the area (Huang Lei), Tong Wenjie (Hai Qing ornaments) composed of well-off family happiness, Wu Jiani (Zhu Yuanyuan), Jin Zhiming (Han Qing decoration) composed of working families talk about the mere mention of money, Zhang Liangzhong, Tina (Wang Junshi) (Chen Xiaoyun) family consists of the nouveau riche ostentatious appearance is anchaoyongdong. The starting point of the story is that three children are going to study abroad, three families in the face of the child education, study abroad, staged their adolescent growth. Well-off family Hai Qing buried in his daughter’s education, leading to important business from rivals, Huang Lei because of distraction was suspended, middle-class families in front of their expensive tuition of poor families stretched; Zhu Yuanyuan in order to let the children realize the dream of studying abroad will give daughter adoptive sister, while the South Korean Qingjian cannot accept a lost daughter in fact, the relationship between husband and wife Wang Jun is on the verge of collapse; in order to make "dumbass" son abroad to exercise, took out a huge donation…… It can be said that the "separation" is the deep affection with parents children education topics, burst out strong emotional tension in the inter generational conflict of ideas. Coupled with direct poke people’s lines, many viewers said they saw the shadow of their families, and even a lot of people said, look at the cry". There are users on the micro-blog message emotion: "small separation" all the scenes, dialogue, as we live documentary, true and touching. Every time to see if the exam is not good to be scolded to cry myself, see mother Biao with my dad, see easily excited afterwards to admit a mistake)相关的主题文章: