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Teresa Teng tombstone was crazy fans defaced the double-sided adhesive paste for 17 years did not catch public attention, Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Teresa Teng tombstone was obviously the double-sided adhesive traces of   fans defaced the monument; Teresa Teng Teresa Teng recently, Hongkong fans will be charged a crazy fan of Teresa Teng in tombstone with a double-sided adhesive tape to dirty pictures, traces of stone, after 17 years of time, and that "stone had lost the original look". According to Hongkong media reports, Teresa Teng Hongkong "Jun fan" complaint, a fan long in the New Taipei City in Taiwan Baoshan cemetery "Jin Yun Park in Teresa Teng on the tombstone with a double-sided adhesive paste Teresa Teng photos, causing obvious traces of double-sided adhesive on the tablet. According to the "Jun fan" secretary Miss Zhou alleged that since the beginning of 1999 there are fans in the monument on the photos, not to catch the moment "murderer", only reluctantly returned to Hong Kong, but the situation has not improved for many years, stone had lost their original appearance, so "King" fans will last three emails to the Teresa Teng Foundation report, but did not respond. In August this year, "Jun fan club" members to mourn Taiwan, found on the tombstone double glue mark has been cleaned and polished to restore the original appearance. The thought that the fund has been processed, unexpectedly found in September was steles pictures, there are fans Kanbuxiaqu tear photos, surnamed Wang, but fans in the face book issued under posted photos were torn off, "Jun fan" was found the culprit posted photos. Last month, Taiwan fans to report the matter to the Baoshan cemetery, Baoshan gold also has been sent to persuade and photographed evidence, I still didn’t think Wang fans continue to post photos, let "Jun fan" very dissatisfied. "Jun fan" secretary Miss Zhou said: "it was outrageous, miss Teresa Teng is our idol, like our relatives, would you be willing to relatives of the cemetery was destroyed? Hope that we love her, do not destroy. This is very disrespectful to her, our fans are also very heartache." Are foreign Teresa Teng San Deng Changfu said in an interview, first please Fund staff understand the situation, called on fans to be considerate, also said in November 14th after returning to the scene to see. "Yun Park" from Teresa Teng Deng Liyun, the New Taipei City in Taiwan Jinshan District Shanmu Campbell Park, mountain and sea, separated from the other side cemetery, quiet and independent. In 1995, Teresa Teng was buried in Baoshan cemetery in New Taipei city of gold, Deng family special finishing Teresa Teng remains in the construction of the Memorial Park "jun". The park can be seen everywhere music symbols by Japanese designer engraved in the underground ten scale marble floor piano, visitors can make beautiful music on the keys. Installed around the sound, playing Teresa Teng’s all songs to her song "has been retained in Yun park". Over the years, "Yun Park" has become a global "Jun fan" pilgrimage, are from the mainland, Hongkong, Japan, Southeast Asia fans to the cemetery memorial memorial day. On the anniversary of Teresa Teng and the important festivals come when fans, family and society from all walks of life will be held this worship ceremony. Teresa Teng fan club of China相关的主题文章: