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Thai Cruise Teng wind GT96 production car next year 3 moon phase – Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park], according to foreign media reports, the Thai new Chinese super sports car brand Cruise · Teng wind has hired Italy designers and R & D team, production version of cooperation in the development of gas turbine for extended range electric supercar GT96, the production the car is expected to be in March next year at the Geneva motor show debut. From Italy’s legendary designer George · and the studio had yarrow for Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston ·, Martha Lahti Martin; classic design works and many other brands have been talked about so far, his joining will make Thailand Cruise · Teng wind GT96 concept car is more likely to become a reality. Thai Cruise · Teng Feng GT96 TREV2016 basic type and in the manufacturing sector, Italy professional modification plant L.M.Gianetti will assume the main commissioning and production tasks. L.M. Gianetti was founded in 1966, produced Fiat, Fiat’s Abarth, Alpha Romeo and other brands of modified works. It is reported that, L.M.Gianetti production equipment to complete the Thai Cruise · Teng small batch production tasks, the initial production capacity of about 25 years. Power, GT96 concept car uses a 36kW output gas turbine driven generator, battery, composed of 2376 sections of 18650 cylindrical lithium battery capacity 20kWh, voltage 720V, and in each front wheel layout of a motor, each rear wheel arrangement of two motor to provide a driving force. In the 6 motors together, the whole power system can reach 1044 horsepower. 0-100km h acceleration time of 2.5 seconds, the maximum speed limit of 305km h, the maximum mileage of 2000km. GT96 production models will be designed to maximize the battery pack to save the space, weight and other issues. Thai Cruise · Teng Feng plans in one or two years, small batch manufacturing super run, the future will be mass production of medium and large cars.   相关的主题文章: