The bare metal 6498 yuan! GoPro kamar UAV

The bare metal 6498 yuan! GoPro Kamar UAV released last May, GoPro was first announced at the Code conference, the company is building a four aircraft Kamar, the company CEO Nick Woodman called the "ultimate GoPro accessories", and said that in the first half of 2016 will be issued. But in May this year, Kamar bounced, it was reported that Kamar release time will be delayed until this winter. Winter is not here, Kamar is here. Beijing time on September 20th at 0 a.m., GoPro held a press conference in the United States California Squaw Valley Resort, in addition to the regular star GoPro Hero 5 (Hero 5 Black Hero and 5 Session), Nick Woodman also brought the UAV Kamar — a half year long dormant. With the news before the exposure is somewhat similar, Kamar uses a foldable design compact, portable is like some earlier millet drones, at the press conference, Nick Woodman is removed from the back of the backpack. The UAV is equipped with a three axis camera stabilizer, the stabilizer is to be disassembled from drones, removed after the installation to the attached Karma Grip (a hand-held tripod handle), can immediately become a separate handheld console. After becoming independent platform, game player can be handheld, it can also be installed in vehicles and other stable picture shooting device. The head of the camera using a GoPro camera, of course, is to be matched afterwards. In the camera, Kamar can be compatible with Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session these two products, the two cameras are support 4K shooting, in addition to adding a multi language voice control function (but mounted on the UAV as useless). At present, the general market drones are need to bring their own mobile devices as a screen, Kamar controller on myself to let a piece of integrated touch screen, without additional use of mobile phone or tablet can pass operation etc.. The entire UAV seems to be in line with the expectations of users, but the price is very cheap. Kamar UAV bare metal price to $799, in addition, in order to shoot the UAV support, GoPro also launched a bundled two latest camera package: Kamar+Hero 5 Session Kamar+Hero 5 Black price of $999, $1099, October 2nd on sale in the u.s.. On China’s sales time, Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" public concern) learned that in October 2nd will be in the electronic business platform for pre-sale, the specific sales time is still pending. Prices, Kamar UAV bare metal suggested retail price of $6498, with two camera bundled package prices have not.相关的主题文章: