The bull sent 11 load veteran to change the two round sign with Eagle Hinrich,-homefront

The bull sent 11 load veteran to change the two round sign with Eagle Kirk, Kirk went to Atlanta sina sports news ESPN reported, Chicago bulls and the Atlanta bulls to complete the transaction, veteran Kirk – Justin Hinrich to Eagle, holiday and a future two round pick. In the last hours before the end of the bull, and also discuss magic "Brooks Napier" deals, but in the end, they choose to deal with the eagle. The 35 year old Kirk Hinrich, occupation career total for the bulls for 11 seasons, this season he averaged 3.8 points, 1.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists, the data are in the lowest career. In an interview, Kirk said: "I was shocked (the transaction), but I am looking forward to joining a team like Atlanta." Justin holiday is 26 years old, he is the brother of Horadi – Zhu pelican. Justin followed the warriors won the championship last season, after the warriors did not renew his contract with the eagles, he signed a 2 year veteran salary. This season, Justin holiday averaged 10.1 minutes, 2.4 points and 1 rebounds and 0.4 assists. (Thierry)

公牛送11载老将至老鹰 辛里奇换二轮签加龙套 辛里奇远赴亚特兰大   新浪体育讯  据ESPN报道,芝加哥公牛与亚特兰大老鹰完成交易,公牛老将柯克-辛里奇送到老鹰,换来贾斯汀-霍乐迪以及一个未来的二轮选秀权。   在截止前的最后一个小时内,公牛还在与魔术商讨“布鲁克斯-内皮尔”的交易,但最终,他们选择与老鹰达成交易。   柯克-辛里奇现年35岁,职业生涯总共为公牛队效力了11个赛季,本赛季他场均贡献3.8分1.7篮板1.7助攻,各项数据均为生涯最低。在接受采访时,辛里奇表示:“我被(这个交易)震惊了,但我很期待加入一支像亚特兰大这样出色的球队。”   贾斯汀-霍乐迪现年26岁,他是鹈鹕队朱-霍勒迪的哥哥。贾斯汀在上赛季跟随勇士队夺得总冠军,之后勇士并没有与他续约,他则与老鹰队签下了一份2年老将底薪。本赛季,贾斯汀-霍乐迪场均出场10.1分钟,得到2.4分1.0篮板0.4助攻。   (Thierry)相关的主题文章: