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The first television media integration and development report – the media – August 25th news, in the morning BIRTV media integration forum, Institute of film and television technology China joint China TV Artists Association media fusion promotion committee officially released our first for television media field research report on the development of media convergence. The first report on the development of media convergence report released since August 18, 2014, media integration policy has been officially released two years. Among them, the TV stations in the media integration aspects of some useful exploration, but also achieved some success. At the same time, in the process of practice, but also encountered some problems, such as lack of systematic research on the development trend of the media, for the lack of practice of media convergence theory is not yet perfect guidance, bureau of the overall trend of many TV media have a white horse embarrassment in terms of organization structure, technology system, user operation, team building etc.. It is in this context, China society, film and television technology China TV Artists Association media fusion promotion committee as China’s Radio and television industry technology and media integration industry organizations the deeply development status, responsibility fusion of Chinese TV media and new media’s achievements and problems to sort out and study the panorama. Some of the features of the case emerged to summarize the views and practice in line with the development trend of the media to promote. The two sides decided to jointly organize the preparation of 2015-2016 China TV Media Convergence Development report. In the media convergence summit, deputy director of the State Administration of radio, Sun Suchuan, deputy director of science and technology, said in his speech: the release of the report is very timely, very consistent with the current situation of the industry development needs. Then, including Sun Suchuan, director of China Institute of film and television technology, Television Artists Association on behalf of Chinese media to promote the integration of representatives of the Committee and the editorial board of experts in the field on behalf of participation, witnessed the report release ceremony. The report put forward the original Chinese TV media convergence evaluation system conference, the chairman of the China Film and television technology society, he introduced the overall framework and core views of the report. According to the site where the case will be chairman of the introduction, the report on the analysis of media convergence of macroeconomic environment, the research of media development trend, analyzing the media convergence factors, summarizes the domestic and foreign media convergence cases and technical route, put forward the innovation of media convergence capacity evaluation system, and for the past year’s TV media the height of the integration of practice experience, is actually to put forward a series of proposals. "2015-2016 China TV Media Convergence Development Report" framework report pointed out: "traditional media" and "new media" is a relative rather than absolute concept; the overall integration of television upgrades for the new media type through the media, like a man from a teenager to youth, which is in different stages of development of the media, rather than two parallel development, or simple grafting. The report systematically summarizes all aspects of media convergence, and extracts the 8 elements of fusion (as shown below). 2015-2016 China TV Media Convergence Development相关的主题文章: