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Business Whenever someone asks me, "What’s the formula to wealth secrets?" I always say, "Well, tell me what your answer is first." No, I’m not proposing we sit down and play Jeopardy or have a lively debate on rhetoric. Rather, let’s talk about what it is you want in life. So, chances are you came here for a solution to wealthy, not necessarily the formula. The solution is that all of your goals in life must be written positively to ac.plish a positive out.e. It all boils down to the law of attraction. That’s right, you’ve heard it before. With the massive publicity that The Secret got, you’d think it was a brand new concept. Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich basically said the same thing, and he didn’t reinvent the wheel either. This concept has reemerged over and over again throughout time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of The Secret. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to be in the film, but the director only had a minute spot for me, and I talked for four minutes. She couldn’t decide what to cut, so she wasn’t able to fit it in. This movie reiterates a valuable life lesson, which is to think positively. If you can embrace that basic principle of life, the instant gratification of possessing all the wealth secrets will be at your door. I have a friend that has taped a handwritten note that says "$10,000,000" to his laptop. Every time he opens that thing up, he has the perfect wealth solution right in his lap. Notice I didn’t say "formula." My friend, Frank, could have just said, "I want to be rich." But he didn’t; he set a clearly defined goal and worked towards it. Last week his Nevada-based trust .pany went public. He drives a 2009 Infiniti sports car, along with a classic Jaguar. His house is worth well over a million dollars, and not a day goes by that I don’t see him laughing and having fun. He’s been looking at that "$10,000,000" for awhile. Now, I’m not making some claim that if you stare at it long enough, you’ll get it. He works hard every day that he opens up that laptop. The clearly-defined goal is tangible for him. The wealth secret is that you don’t need to know the formula, only the answer. If Frank had said, "I want to be rich," it might not have happened. He would have been sending out a message to the universe that wasn’t specific enough. The universe can’t focus on that vague of an idea. What is "rich," anyway? Define it and tell the universe. There are a lot of other goals like this that actually call a negative effect into your life. For instance, "I want to lose fifteen pounds," will get you nowhere but fatter. Envision your life as a slim and healthy person. Instead of losing weight, say, "I want to weigh 150 pounds." A very specific answer achieves results that you’re looking for. Now that’s the real wealth secret. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: