The fourth round of the Champions League summary the team qualify for the top 16 Leicester is also w-jiqingwuyuetian

The Champions League fourth round up: 5 teams qualify for the top 16 Leicester 1 points worse [collection] Real Madrid 3 Liandiu ball 3-3 flat buoyant Baer Benzema broke news today morning sports Tencent in November 3rd, the end of the fourth round of the Champions League group phase for all, Real Madrid (data) that the 3-3 draw with Warsaw legion, multi win special sport in Portugal. Ahead of two rounds of qualifying, Juventus (website data) Matus 1-1 draw with Lyon, the last moment to throw the ball up and make the Bianconeri missed ahead of two rounds of qualifying. As a result, a total of 5 teams won the top 16 places in advance, are A Senna, Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and Dortmund. The fourth round of fighting and qualify for the group phase: Arsenal, Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Dortmund currently has 5 teams determined to participate in the December 12th Champions League final 18, 4 of which team is the same group of opponents. A group of Arsenal and Paris, both won three straight lines, Arsenal had 17 consecutive season to qualify. In fact, Arsenal experienced a bitter struggle, in the face of Lou Drogo Meret, they conceded two goals in the first 15 minutes, but then Zacca and Giroux helped the team to tie the score, the last time Mesut Ozil staged a picture of lore. From the team before the 4 round of the performance, Mesut Ozil is the biggest player in the team, the Germans in the group phase of the season scored 4 goals and 2 assists, and he in the last four of the Champions League but the total number of goals is 4. In the four group stage, Arsenal firepower, scored 12 goals, lost 3 goals, the overall performance is very strong. 5 of the Champions League team ahead of qualifying in Paris is remarkable, after defeating Basel 2-1, the French champions also locked a 16 strong places, new signings this summer Mounier helped Paris in the game against Basel send lore, but PSG also includes the promotion of hero Cavani, Uruguay scored 4 goals in 4 games in group phase second, Messi scored 7 goals, with Lavon, Mesut Ozil and others tied scorer second. Although the PSG in France started very difficult, in general, but with 3 wins and 1 record, they entered the top 16, the next round of the competition, Paris and Arsenal will direct dialogue, which will decide who can win the group. D group of Atletico Madrid after 4 wins 12 points, the cost of only 4 wins the Champions League team, 9 team Bayern times, and the single bed in obiviously. Atletico Madrid is in the top 32, the only undefeated team, strategizing thanks to Simonyi. In the four games, have shown a legion of linen very aggressive, high closing down the play was very successful, with two goals, Gregory Saltzman, Paris in the fourth round to win the Rostov, 12 points head cut. Glenn Seidman scored 2 goals in the group phase, while Atletico promotion hero is actually Callas. Group phase second round against Bayern, Callas completed lore, and the group phase third round face of Rostov, but also his volley to ensure Atletico win. In fact, in the first 4 rounds, Atletico but scored 5 goals, but became the only victory qualify team runner up last season for the game control is their key qualifying. Today’s 4 group events, only相关的主题文章: