The little PP of these Changsha girls are incredibly warped and have broken their jeans-crycry

These Changsha girl small PP Alice was also the jeans are bursting with impressive bust is not a strange thing, we also love to see is rounded tight "butt", a man named Jen Selter’s 22 year old girl in New York, the day before she shared a photo of skinny jeans in Instagram, one of the bright eyes of the users who is her jeans was her plump buttocks burst! "As the saying goes" one minute on the stage takes ten years of practice, to break the jeans, peach hips remarkable skill. The Jen Selter has spent four years to get today’s "skill" sexy "peach hip, although the name sounds like dirt, but it is quite vivid. What is "peach hip"? As the name suggests, of course, it is as strong, mellow and elastic as the peach. "Like this many times we only pay attention to the waist leg, but ignored the most significant figure of the hip. Especially our sedentary office girls, buttocks flat loose, even had the A4 waist, a pair of white flowers and long legs, no beautiful peach hip match, wearing tight pants or skirt a not so perfect. We cannot do well… Maybe… Or… Your PP is like this. To say that the industry benchmark, the most standard peach buttocks than the most men do not live hold dimensional secret angels! These rounded, tight, warped peaches, P, don’t look too good. "Has been so proud of the hip line, what a tight skirt, wearing high waisted leggings, stunning the audience every minute! Hip height line, leg length of a foot is not unreasonable, so, usually said his legs thick MM, please check PP Oh ~ hip line mellow, visual effects pull long leg line. Hip WOW~~ visual feast, where there are thick legs around like this ~ ^ ^ or that actually, you also don’t envy them, in Changsha also has a lot of peach hip girl. First put some photos to let you see… (please prepare towel) – look at the waist Qiaotun, have heard the voice of the ~ ~ ^ no slobber squat, squatting up not Qiaotun ~everybady!! This long underwear really steal the spotlight!! Meng Meng Da underwear can not hide this sexy little PP feel pants to hold! Broken! The! The sports after the favorite is pose! To tell you the truth, do you have any?! "While practicing shot, is the correct posture of fitness! Quietly tell you, these are attended by Tencent · Hunan large network combined with Norway Snyder Fitness Academy held Changsha first awards — "the first perfect figure Norway Snyder Cup" Fitness Aerobics championship!! If you are the same as them, dare to show yourself, Xiaobian is so no principle! You’re the peach goddess we’re looking for. Do you think we don’t have any spicy demands on our bodies? Are we strict with our bodies? Are we strict with our bodies? Isn’t there any spicy food? Strict and important things must be said three times!! As long as you attribute female, 16, dare to bask in photos, come to participate in it! Activity 10000 yuan bonus Champion (cash) + value 1988 yuan feeling healthy meal card;

这些长沙妹子的小PP翘的出奇 还有人把牛仔裤撑破了拥有傲人胸围已经不是一件稀奇的事了,大家更爱看的是浑圆紧实的“屁股”,一位名为Jen Selter的22岁纽约女孩,日前她在Instagram上分享一张紧身牛仔裤的照片,令网友们眼睛为之一亮的是,她的牛仔裤竟被她丰满圆润的臀部撑破了!▲俗话说“台上一分钟,台下十年功”,能把牛仔裤撑破,这蜜桃臀的功力可见一斑。▲Jen Selter花了整整四年的时间才有了今日的“功力”性感“蜜桃臀”,虽然这个名字听起来污污的,不过倒是非常的形象。什么是“蜜桃臀”?顾名思义当然是像蜜桃一样结实、圆润而富有弹性的翘臀。 ▲比如像这样很多时候大家只注重腰部腿部,却忽视了最显身材的臀部。尤其是我们久坐办公室的女孩们,臀部平平松松的,哪怕练成了A4腰,长着一双白花花的大长腿,没有漂亮的蜜桃臀相配,穿紧身一点的裤子裙子总归没那么完美。▼搞不好…也许…或者…你的PP就是这个样子。 要说行业标杆,最标准的蜜桃臀莫过于最让男人hold不住的维秘天使们呐!这些圆润、紧致还挺翘的蜜桃P简直不要太好看了。 ▲有了如此傲人的臀部线条,什么紧身裙啦,高腰紧身裤啦,穿上分分钟惊艳全场!臀高一线,腿长一尺也不是没有道理的呀 所以,平时说自己腿粗的MM,请先检查PP哦~臀部线条圆润,视觉效果上拉长腿部线。WOW~~臀的视觉盛宴,哪里还有腿粗的赶脚~ ▲比如像这样 ▲或者这样其实,大家也别羡慕她们了,在长沙也有很多蜜桃臀妹子。先放点照片让你们看看…(请备好纸巾) ▲瞧这细腰翘臀,已经听到口水的声音了~~ ▲无深蹲,不翘臀~everybady蹲起来!! ▲这个内裤着实抢镜!!萌萌哒的小内内也藏不住这性感的小PP ▲感觉裤子要撑!破!了! ▲运动过后,最爱的就是凹造型!说实话,你有没! ▲边练边拍,才是健身的正确姿势!悄悄告诉你们,这些都是参加由腾讯·大湘网联合诺韦耐德健身学院举行长沙首届首届完美身材大赏——暨“诺韦耐德杯”健体健美精英赛!! 如果你也跟她们一样,敢秀自己,小编们就是这么没有原则呀!你就是我们要找的蜜桃臀女神注意:我们对身材的要求没有辣么严格我们对身材的要求没有辣么严格我们对身材的要求没有辣么严格重要的事情必须说三遍!!只要你属性女、年满16、敢晒照片、就来参加吧!活动奖金冠军10000元(现金)+价值1988元佳感健康餐月卡一张;亚军5000元(现金)+价值863元佳感健康餐双周卡一张;季军3000元(现金)+价值418元佳感健康餐周卡一张;网络最高人气奖获得价值1988元家感健康餐1个月; 蜜桃臀报名通道扫下方二维码,直接进入报名页面,点击我要报名,添加本人照片+姓名+电话号码; 注意事项1、上传自己的照片,最好露脸;像这样▼ PS:必须年满16周岁,照片健康、积极、阳光就好啦~~2、报名成功后,参与投票,根据票数和选手的综合素质选出20名;3、11月5日在长沙参与线下赛,评选出前三名,并颁发证书及奖金;相关的主题文章: