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The man paralyzed in a "barter poison" the sale of drugs with stolen goods room two – Sohu China Daily News (reporter correspondent Hou Jian Zhao Wei) recently, Tongchuan police cracked a number of thefts, found that these suspects are "drug addicts", and the stolen goods in exchange for drugs, the police immediately instructed the "barter poison" means traffickers arrested, surprising is that this drug was a paralyzed patient lying in bed. At present, the case has been offline all justice. Since the thefts frequent "drug addicts" steal and exchange drugs in June this year, the Tongchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Wang branch area burglary and theft of valuables inside the car glass smashed cars frequent cases, residents of the area in a constant state of anxiety. The Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade quickly dispatched veteran soldiers and able captains to carry out case detection, the police finally arrested on suspicion of meticulous work, pry the glass smashed cars stolen property inside the suspect gemou, on trial by, police learned an important clue, the theft of stolen goods have a part directly to a "paralytic" man. The purchase of drugs. At the same time, the Public Security Bureau organized Wangyi drug addicts adductor ring work, the police arrested the drug from the staff also found in the trial, the drug is from a nickname "paralytic" buy. Two clues together, the police immediately, "paralytic" foreign men’s personal background and social investigation, after more than a month follow-up visits, the police found a "paralytic" real name is Chen Moumou, male, 48 years old this year, the Department of Tongchuan, is a very economically minded people, when building the industry hot on the occasion, the operation of cement sand material business, business thriving, in a sand material receiving when accidentally fell down from the truck, all the savings have been used to cure, eventually cannot walk paralyzed in bed. In order to live, paralyzed Chen played a crooked idea, the use of their own paralysis, the public security organs to deal with difficult to deal with the shield to cover the activities of drug trafficking, profit from the sale of their activities almost crazy. Tongchuan Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police said Han Xiao Wang, Chen Moumou couple had no work, no normal income home. "When waiting outside, we found a large number of drug addicts carrying tobacco to his home, after just a minute later, out of these drug addicts have nothing on hand, so we decided that Chen Moumou major drug trafficking suspects." People with suspected stolen goods seized two rooms about 104 grams of drugs in September 21st this year, the police see the time is ripe decided to close the net, anti drug, criminal investigation, multi force interaction, the use of police dogs to search for more than and 300 bottles of wine from the Moumou home site, more than and 50 cigarettes and more than and 80 pieces of antique painting, mobile phone, watches and other goods, with two rooms eight, police after 5 hours to clean up the registration of seizure is completed, all pull a truck full of stolen goods. At the same time, the police in Moumou home heroin seized 42 packets of methamphetamine 12 packets, the total seized 103.4 grams of drugs, since the drug dens were destroyed, stolen goods. According to Chen Moumou confession, he did not use drugs, before doing construction business, and later by the.相关的主题文章: