The picture book in the forest – Sohu mother zhongguorentiyishu

The picture book "in the forest" – Sohu "in the forest" mother is a fantasy. Into the forest, we walked into a child’s inner fantasy world. There, the animals one by one, naturally with a touch of drama. The little boy was very happy to have a picnic with them. But when the father appeared, the magic was gone. The little boy had to look forward to coming back to the forest again. The first person narrative perspective, black-and-white artistic atmosphere, simple style and poetic, let this works in the picture history shine. I put on a paper hat and got my paper horn. Go for a walk in the forest. A big lion was taking a nap. When I heard the sound of the trumpet, the lion woke up. "Where are you going?" The lion asked me, "can I go with you when I have my hair cut?" So the big lion combed his hair and followed me. When I went for a walk in the forest, I saw two baby elephants in the bath. "Wait for us," said the two, as he dried his ear. A baby elephant put on a sweater and a baby just put on his shoes. I had a walk in the forest when they saw two big bear sitting under a tree. A brown bear in the number of peanuts, a brown bear in eating the jam. "Wait a minute", brown bears shouted, "we want to go." So, brown bears with peanuts, jam, also came along. When I went for a walk in the woods, I saw a kangaroo mother and a kangaroo father were teaching the baby kangaroo. "We’ll take the drum," said the mother kangaroo. "Kangaroo baby won’t bother me, I can put it in my bag." As a result, the kangaroo baby into the mother’s stomach bag, kangaroo family also followed. I had a walk in the forest when they see an old grey stork squatting beside the pond, motionless. I want to close up, to see that it is really a stork. The old stork stood up, looked at me and didn’t say a word. However, when I go there at the corner, strange birds to come. There are two little monkeys in the tall tree. As soon as I saw them, the monkeys stopped playing and shouted, "ha ha, parade! Parade! We like to march!" So the little monkeys took the best dress out of the hole. And followed. When I went for a walk in the forest. Found a little rabbit hiding behind the weeds. "Don’t be afraid," I said to him, "if you want to come along, you can walk by my side." So the little rabbit followed. I blew the trumpet and the lion roar, like a baby with a nose horn. The bear growled, kangaroo playing the drums, the stork mouth beat. The monkeys were clapping and shouting, and the little rabbit was still very quiet. .相关的主题文章: