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The popular new seven seat SUV G-SUV can poke the consumer G-spot? Sohu 2013 North American auto show, Volkswagen unveiled a concept car called the Cross Blue, the yen value did not cause much reaction, but it is a huge figure that makes people think it will be what kind of positioning, play a role in the popular family? In the local time on October 27th, Volkswagen officially released its official pictures and related information on the market in the United States, it was named Atlas, at the same time, the ancient Greek myth of Hercules is thundering potential to Chinese. As a new member of the family of God car, or a SUV, I believe many people are full of expectations. And hung Shanghai Volkswagen brand, the internal code named G-SUV, is still veiled, tempt the appetite of the big guy, with the latest first-hand information, today Xiaobian and we look at the G-SUV can get Chinese consumers a poke in the g-spot. The size of the appearance of bluffing, surprise 5039mm length, 1989mm width, 1773mm height, "Hercules" not only in the size of today’s largest family surpass — to the Touareg, Audi Q7, even in width and height have a stroke above. The new Touareg and Q7 are thinking by repeatedly slim, but this is more than 2 tons of G-SUV but with big burly mang figure appeared in front of us, if the car cover standard really makes people doubt its German descent identity, like a beautiful large SUV routine. This heavy players not only give us no small surprise in stature, not unusual appearance of popular family doll road is quite new, square headlights are contour, the chrome trim of vertical and horizontal collocation, although not what dynamic personality, but it is a luxury big brother the style of rough sideways lines, and protruding wings, also let this guy quite a bit wild, full LED headlights, 360 degree panoramic image, and radar configuration is not a surprise appearance on it. On the interior, such a configuration is popular again if the same routine strapping man popular family interior, too do not ride, fortunately the interior atmosphere in the absorption of the essence of the public still has no small change, a circle of silver trim to wood decorative board "big screen size and a large area in the circle" together, there is a huge air outlet, is in line with this cup and tonality, to the air conditioning control area, and complete regression of popular style, exquisite style while the steering wheel on the new models on many public praise, but in such a big body, how it all seems too thin. As the flagship of the luxurious big SUV, 12.3 inch LCD instrument, the mobile phone wireless charging, 9 airbags, pre crash protection system, 360° Area? View, active tire pressure monitoring, blind spot monitoring, fatigue monitoring, lane keeping, adaptive cruise configuration in G-SUV, and the electric tail gate the configuration will be all standard, although R相关的主题文章: