The radius of both can play Gu Jingzhou for teapot debut Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 Autumn Auction

The radius of both can play: Gu Jingzhou for teapot debut Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 autumn auction Lot922 1946 Gu Jingzhou imitation antique pot 17.9× 8.9cm. Wide× High this antique pot in the Gu Jingzhou hand, for commemorating the 1946 national provincial Bank held sixth meetings, more valuable. Also known as the "imitation antique pot drum pot", the shape of abundance of full, moist dense mud. Cover seal pot uniform potential, and the pot body through air, smooth lines, Poxian skill. "A blue side carved of words" four word script inscription, the other face carved script "national provincial bank sixth forum to commemorate the Jiangsu province agriculture bank, the Bank of Jiangsu province with the inscription," pot Ming implication is profound, is a good choice of. Good quality and good quality. Gu Jingzhou of disciple Wu Qunxiang on September 2006 issued a handwritten certificate. Lot926 Qing Kangxi high body six pot 18× 13.5cm. Wide× High: George? Clemenceau collection exhibition: to humor: Ming Tea Exhibition, China Tea Museum (Hangzhou), June 20, 2014 to July 20th published: "Wen Hui Elite: and Zheng Zhai Yixing Yixing treasures", (Taipei) Ying Tang Ji Technology Press, 2012, page 82, 83, 19 "to humor: Ming and Qing Dynasties tea Treasures Exhibition", Xiling Seal-Engravers’Society press, 2014, page 36 records: Paris Sotheby’s, June 9, 2011, No. 50 Lot926 Kangxi high six pots (the other surface) high body six side pot type, only rarely in the teapot shape in. Was a famous French politician George Clemenceau of old Tibetan Origin prominent?. Six pots to luting molding techniques, the volume is slightly larger, with the view of great momentum; collocation type six square kettle button, smooth lines and diarrhea, the plain, simple beauty is the prominent party; and the strong flow pot pot, proportion. Huliu, the original old Europe set, which had been valued by the noble gentlemen. Paris and the meeting of the "big four", the George Clemenceau George right?? Clemenceau (GeorgesClemenceau, 1841-1929), a famous French politician, who served as the two prime minister said, "the tiger", during the first World War is regarded as "the father of victory". A war after the victory, Clemenceau and the president of the United States Werwilson, British Prime Minister Lloyd George, collectively known as the world’s "big four" in Paris, and signed the "Treaty of Versailles", he advocated to punish Germany, Germany lost to the end of a Mark". Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 Autumn Auction porcelain crafts auction preview: November 8, 2016 to 10 November 12, 2016 morning auction: 10:30 location: Hotel Kunlun相关的主题文章: