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The Red Sea Guide: the next 5 years the growth of key robot drones! Science and technology innovation Sohu – Chi Bian | ash consumption things UAV market is the recent focus on the topic of intellectual things. With the introduction of folding folding UAV, the pursuit of differentiated products have been given to practitioners increasingly difficult test. Multi angle wisdom things from industry surveys, data report and so do a lot of depth articles, many of them from the end of the UAV underground lakes, reflection and development direction of UAV and UAV industry chain and the analysis of many game player. Click on the link to read In essence, the UAV as an aircraft, can be regarded as part of the robot category. Intelligent control today want to recommend the report from YOLE, the focus from the robot UAV market segmentation, application direction, product structure, sensor characteristics and other aspects to predict the overall market in the next five years, I believe after reading this article, you can get inspiration from it, to find a new growth point. If you want to collect the full report, you can be smart things (public number: zhidxcom) reply keyword YOLE download the full report. This report is the main UAV robot sensor sales forecast. From 2015 to 2021, the UAV and robot market will grow from $46 billion to $27 billion, compound growth rate of 9.4%, of which 64% of the revenue is brought by industrial robots. From 2015 to 2021, unmanned aerial vehicles and robot sensor market will grow from $709 million to $351 million, a compound growth rate of up to 12.4%, of which the revenue of the optical sensor is in the bag of 74%. Higher growth rates in the sensor market suggest that robots have a strong demand for sensor growth. In fact, the sensor revenue growth is not driven by a specific market, but scattered in a variety of applications. Ranked first in the field of military UAVs, second for agricultural robots. · · · robot components Daquan sensor micro electro mechanical system (Micro-electromechanical Systems, referred to as Mems) and the progress of the technology of sensor technology revolution has brought in the field of robotics. We analogy to human robot sensor system senses: vision, CMOS image sensor, infrared sensor and micro lens device use; visual focus, using digital automatic focusing device and optical element; hearing, in fact is the use of a variety of language, using a microphone device; micro loudspeaker; sense of smell, the use of gas smell sensor; taste, using temperature and humidity sensor; touch, using pressure or tactile sensor; position, inertial sensors and electronic compass; communication, use, tuner, filter and oscillator.相关的主题文章: