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National Health Planning Commission: the existence of China’s card virus once again enter the risk – Sohu news, Beijing News (reporter Li Dandan) since February 9th the first case of China’s first imported card virus infection cases so far, a total of 5 cases were diagnosed in china. National Health Planning Commission said today that China has the risk of re entering the epidemic, but the card virus mortality is relatively low, most cases can be cured. At the National Health Planning Commission held a press conference today, the State Health Planning Commission spokesman Xiong Huang said that at present, the health and Family Planning Commission organized an expert group on the card virus epidemic situation was judged, that the epidemic has the risk of re input. Because our country and the related countries have relatively close personnel, goods exchanges, do not rule out the epidemic through the infected or with poisonous mosquitoes input. Xiong Huang said that the epidemic could be prevented and cured, and the death rate was relatively low. Although there were no targeted specific drugs, most cases could be cured. In addition, to strengthen the source of infection control, anti mosquito comprehensive prevention and control measures can effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic. He said, we need to remain vigilant, because now with the warmer weather, some places in China will enter the active phase of Aedes albopictus, once the epidemic does not exclude the spread of spread in some areas. Next, the health and Family Planning Commission will further play the role of joint prevention and control mechanism, and earnestly implement all the measures, strengthen supervision guidance, to prevent the input and spread of the epidemic.

国家卫计委:我国存在寨卡病毒再次输入风险-搜狐新闻  新京报快讯(记者李丹丹)自2月9日我国确诊首例输入性寨卡病毒感染病例至今,国内共确诊了5例患者。国家卫计委今日表示,我国存在疫情再次输入的风险,但是寨卡病毒致死率比较低,大多数病例都是可以治愈的。   在国家卫计委今日召开的新闻发布会上,国家卫计委新闻发言人熊煌表示,目前,卫生计生委组织专家组对寨卡病毒疫情进行了研判,认为疫情存在再次输入的风险。因为我国与相关国家存在比较密切的人员、货物往来,不排除疫情通过感染者或者带毒蚊虫输入。   熊煌表示,疫情可防可治,寨卡病毒致死率比较低,目前虽然没有针对性的特效药,但大多数病例都是可以治愈的。此外,加强传染源控制,防蚊灭蚊等综合防控措施,能够有效的防范疫情的传播。   他说,需要保持高度警惕,因为现在随着天气转暖,我国一些地方将进入伊蚊活跃期,一旦疫情输入不排除在局部地区传播扩散。下一步,卫生计生委将进一步发挥好联防联控工作机制的作用,切实落实好各项措施,加强督查指导,全力防范疫情的输入和扩散。相关的主题文章: