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The Tiangong two space life: synchronous watch "news broadcast" — Hainan Channel – October 21st night 9 pm, Chen Dong in the Temple No. two oral space diary for Xinhua News Agency figure two astronauts Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong has been in the Tiangong two life in the past 4 days, they have carried out a number of space experiment. "Looking forward to seeing our earth from space, our motherland." Chen Dong said that the task is completed, I would like to take pictures, take a look at the scenery outside the window". Jing Haipeng said he was the first time to perform a space mission to forget to take pictures, the second time to be able to do so. How are they living in space these days? What things have experienced? Have seen aliens? World watch "news broadcast" on the evening of 21, Jing Haipeng Chen Dong, the two astronauts in the Temple No. two of the chamber, for the first time to watch the world synchronization of CCTV’s "news network" program. At 7 o’clock, "Shenzhou combination into the measurement and control of arc relay satellite day chain of 03 stars, two astronauts, in accordance with the schedule, adjust the Tiangong two module display, to wait for the" news network "program. "News network" after the start, the astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen winter stand in front of the screen to watch the important speech of President Xi Jinping in the Red Army to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march. When playing to silence the link, the two astronauts in space with thousands of miles away stood together in the long march and heroic sacrifice throughout the revolutionary struggle of the revolutionary martyrs. After watching the speech of President Xi, the two astronauts said, we must inherit the spirit of the Long March, overcome various difficulties, the successful completion of the task. During the flight mission on the ground, the ground will be in accordance with the daily plan to upload real-time news network, in addition to other astronauts will push his favorite program. In addition to audio and video programs in the Temple No. two astronauts also can make video calls, email and ground personnel exchanges, enrich their life in space. Forget to eat noodles after meals Steamed Rice heating in October 19th is the God eleven flying group on the first day, a combination of the ten five in the evening, the astronauts work does not end with. Jing Haipeng said at the time, the work is full, and now want to sleep. Breakfast and lunch are combined to eat, because in the early docking, into the portfolio, the work is busy, so no time to eat. We’re going to have a good dinner. Mainly eat breakfast and lunch is ready to eat food, snacks to eat more, eat less staple food. Rice, noodles, after the end of the heat forget to eat, we prepared to fill the night." This is the third time Jing Haipeng God, he has two times to enter the temple". He felt that Tiangong-1 Temple No. two, more comfortable, more comfortable, layout, decoration, color collocation is very good. He wanted to say to the comrades of the brigade, "for eighteen years, we have dinner on a table, in the same classroom, playing on a court. In eighteen years, we work together, live together, trained together, the pursuit of dreams, we qinruyijia. I know the team today.相关的主题文章: