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The top ten club coach Cui Kangxi ranked the first place on the list en Shuai Su God training ground less water attack Pick Enrique Basa laughing atmosphere in the top ten world club coach, Cui Kangxi on the list of Tencent sports news October 10th Holland football coach statistical institute through its website coachworldranking released the latest issue of club coach Basa (official website ranking. Data) coach Enrique ranked first, Ma Jing boss Simonyi (data) and Manchester City boss Guardiola in two or three, Zidane ranked fourth, and United boss Mourinho missed the first ten. It is worth mentioning that, in the top ten, the presence of the Asian coach figure, there is news that the coach will coach the national security of Beijing, North Korea Hyundai coach Cui Kangxi ranked in the top ninth. Barcelona in the recent performance is not very out of color, in the battle of Viggo CELTA game lost to rivals, but Enrique with the past two seasons good coaching achievements still with 17168 points ahead of second place close to 3000 points ranked first in the club coach list. Ma Jing boss Jose Simonyi in the past three seasons led Atletico reached two Champions League finals, at the same time in the 2013-2014 season, Real Madrid beat (data) to win the Spanish champions barcelona. The new season, Ma Jing in the League before the seven rounds in the first place, and defeated the Bundesliga overlord Bayern in the Champions League, but it also let Simonyi ranked second in the coaches list. Guardiola in the new season to lead Manchester City in nine games in a row to win, but in the Premier League lost to Tottenham in the seventh round, he was ranked in the top 13764 points in the third. It is worth mentioning that Guardiola became a coach in the top ten of the Premier League coach only, but all missed the Premiership coach Wenger, Conti and other top ten Cyclops and Mourinho. In fourth to eighth are Real Madrid’s Zidane, Emeri of Paris, the Bilbao athletics, Dortmund Tuchel Valverde and Italian giants Juventus (official data) team Allegri tucci. Ranked ninth in the lead Jeonbuk Hyundai AFC Champions League out of the Super League Hong Kong Shanghai coach Cui Kangxi, it is worth mentioning that the recent news that the South Korean coach is expected to become Beijing’s new coach. In the tenth row is Shakhtar Donetsk coach Fonseca. (boats)相关的主题文章: