The twenty-third session of the Yangling agricultural high opens at 21 Pavilion race

The twenty-third session of the Yangling agricultural high opens at 21 Pavilion race debut the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Wei) through 22 years, Yangling will usher in the twenty-third agricultural event today. Yesterday afternoon, friends from all corners of the country have rushed to Yangling, to the opening ceremony of the period of appointment today. It is understood that the current Nonggaohui period of 5 days, to implement the development of new ideas to accelerate agricultural modernization "as the theme, will be held including the international agricultural cooperation and exchanges of modern agricultural development, communication and discussion, the new silk road brand innovation action national agricultural science and Technology Park alliance and higher school of New Rural Development Research Institute, special exhibition alliance modern agriculture, agricultural exhibition brand standard results of information release, series of" three rural "service consulting and training, project investment and technology trade, the selected eight awards plate nearly 100 activities. Reporters learned that this year during the agricultural high, 21 government pavilions with their agricultural new ideas and new achievements and future development of the new target, the race debut. This year, the agricultural high C museum is the province around the city, characteristics of agricultural products show, Xi’an, Xianyang, Baoji and other pavilions will showcase new ideas, new technologies, new advantages, their new achievements. Xi’an Pavilion by the 11 display of leisure agriculture, industry, poverty alleviation, modern agricultural park construction of urban modern agriculture new technology and new varieties of new achievements. In addition to local governments in our province city pavilion exhibition exhibitors, many provinces and cities also fall over each other with a new pavilion project, new technology, new achievements, to come to attend the meeting and carry out exchanges and cooperation. The reporter learned that this year, Beijing, Ningxia, Yunnan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi and other pavilions are located in the B museum.相关的主题文章: