The United States presidential election voters to vote in advance outside the Longhua figure are fre

The United States presidential election voters to vote in advance outside the Longhua figure are frequent (Figure) – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 8 November, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that because of "don’t want another candidate, Zhang Yunyun Chinese American voters to 6 to Naperville city to vote in advance, spent more than 2 hours queuing voting is done, because this year’s election tight election, Zhang Yunyun with the same enthusiasm to participate in the election of the voters to meet the eye everywhere. According to the Chicago Commission, the Cook County Commission of 7 on the latest statistics, the 2016 election early voting and vote by mail number both to break the record, and the two day in all early voting, long queues everywhere. Responsible for the election of the Cook County registrar Oijer Hernandez (David Orr) and chairman of the Electoral Commission of Chicago (Marisel Hernandez) 7, united in the center of Chicago’s super early voting held before the election meeting, Oijer said, until the 6 day, Cook, this year 284000 people have completed the early voting, easy to break to keep 2008 record. Of the 1 million 510 thousand voters registered in Cook County, some of them have already voted in advance to break the record of the highest level in the history of the 26%. Oijer said, this year for mail vote, than the 2012 election, surged nearly 90%, he stressed that the 2004 presidential election, Cook County turnout was 74.3%, with the voters warm degree, estimated this year will refresh the turnout. Hernandez said in Chicago this year, the Commission will vote in advance, advance to the general election on 40 days before the debut, also let the voters this year, a substantial increase in the rate of. The peak of the early voting, appeared in 6, according to the Chicago Election Commission statistics, the opening of the first 6 days of voting in the early hours of the small, a total of 22904 people voted, with an average of 3817 people per hour vote. By mail to 6, so far, there have been 102674 applications, also wrote a new record. Chicago city is located in the 15 Washington Street super early voting, the 7 day morning began queuing crowds, the average waiting time to vote more than 30 minutes, a white-collar work in the vicinity and Cox (Tom Cox) said that he used to election are not very active, but this year in the fight against each other like politicians. Therefore, how to get out the vote. The Chinatown library early voting situation also is very warm, 6 at noon at about 11 to the library preparing to vote on Mr. Xu said, spent nearly 40 minutes not turn, because noon had arranged things, had to give up on the morning of 7, again to the library to vote for him, probably about 30 minutes, finally completed the vote. Have emigrated to the United States 30 years he said that in many elections he said, "never see so many Chinese people voted out". The Chicago Election Commission and the Cook county clerk’s office to remind, the 8 general election vote will be expected to long queues, people wait shaoanwuzao, will make all voters in all evening 7 line, the completion of voting. In addition, this year due to tight election, although the polls are open to the public supervision).相关的主题文章: