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The writers indulge "watch" mad rat "pioneer" into chaos "Aegis Bureau agents" recently, American TV series "Aegis Bureau agents" formally launched in the fourth quarter, the audience was surprised to find that the "crazy mouse" was the "Aegis Bureau agents into chaos", and this time he will have on the ghost rider. In the new season, "" Aegis Bureau agents appeared a new villain named "James", the character is actually a different anti Watchdogs control of an organization. In many occasions, he cited the "vanguard" in the mad mouse lines, such as: in addition, the use of weapons James "firecrackers" is also very similar to the rat’s explosive barrels. And, we know that the full name of the rat is Jamison Fawkes, even the name and James almost. Of course, if you really want to deny this, insisted that this is only a game player are far fetched, actually even "Aegis Bureau agents in the fourth quarter" writers in the reddit forum to confirm that these lines are their own design. He even pointed out places where people didn’t notice. The writer Post said: "hi ~ I’m Matt Owens," Aegis Bureau agents in the fourth quarter of writers ". I did quote the lines of the vanguard. Many of the lines of the hunt and Simmons are very. It sounds a little tricky, but in fact it’s easy to sneak in the empty lines while I’m writing a script." So why in the "Aegis Bureau agents will be" so much "watch" pioneer elements? Owens replied: "addicted" watch pioneer "inextricably bogged down in is a part of my writing." "Don’t know" Aegis Bureau agents director heard his statement this statement will react?相关的主题文章: