This is a new generation of KIA Rio Rio Rio Trailer (video)

This is a new generation of KIA Rio Rio Rio Trailer recently, KIA officially released its new generation of Rio (RIO) models of the part forecast map. The car will be the opening of the Paris auto show to meet with the public, and the end of the year ahead of the European market. It is understood that the car will be equipped with a 1.0T three cylinder engine. Tips: KIA RIO (Rio) vehicle positioning small car; mainly for the European market for sale; many years ago in Dongfeng Yueda KIA (micro-blog) domestic; but later has the full sale KIA Rio (super detailed) the release of the trailer for the car of a new generation of models, a new generation of Rio will change family tigers type front KIA latest design, headlights with LED lights with internal decoration. In addition, the car is equipped with large size wheels and a very unique taillights. It is understood that the new generation of Rio’s wheelbase will be extended, and the space inside the car will also be enhanced. In addition, the new model of the rear compartment redesigned, capacity has been improved. Unfortunately, the official did not give specific data after the upgrade. Fortunately, the notice included in the interior part of the car’s overall style, compared to cash more sense of design, the console texture is very good, the LCD display, button design below is very simple. It is reported that this car will be equipped with a new car system, can be compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. KIA cash RIO (Rio) power part, the new Rio will be equipped with a 1.0T turbocharged three cylinder engine.相关的主题文章: