To pomegranate slightly to maternal disbudding grouper Zhuang – Sohu on the weekend-aspack

For the weekend to disbudding pomegranate. Grouper Zhuang – Sohu mother now blog name I have to spend a lot of happy mother cells in the brain, or the next is not to write a word — what is untitled, routine? No culture, feel more and more trouble, okay, we are not now purely vernacular can drop well, it is after old slowly read time unclear!! Recently, in order to enhance our cultural connotation and culture, music mom recently often see some can think that can improve the content of the film, you say that line? It doesn’t seem right now!! Ha-ha!! Last night dinner music students said: I was the most happy little friends, my grandma gave me a day to do more good to eat, have a grandfather to buy me a lot of fun every day, and my mother every day to accompany me to do by hand, and my dad took me money to buy toys, I can happy! Boy, I also know that happiness is good, we waste a piece of love, patches of truth! Have you!! The music students haven’t seen call this stuff, in that you do!! Haha, ask him to do it? The answer is in pomegranate!! I have a good idea, we can eat pomegranate next year!! I still remember the music students in grandmother home grown beans and jackfruit, now I do not know the survival or not? And in the square of the woods for the Cherry Tomatoes know where long? Kind of seed may be hope!! All kinds of music students will drop down tools!! In the yard to find a piece of board, when people play board surfing, ha ha ha, music students, the city will play you!! It’s all right to slip and slide!! A woman next to the home to see the chicken, I started singing and dancing, chicks cuckoo, cuckoo, have to go!! Then at noon we are attracted to a Hot pot can eat fish 99% without a thorn, music students can also eat do not worry!! Online group purchase, good service and good attitude, good ingredients, the environment is good, there is the first group purchase which contains the kind of individually wrapped wipes, the most important is the soup taste very delicious fish, really did not see the thorn, in addition to send piece of fish, fish and fish are remaining in the soup, beauty!! Two pounds enough for four of us to eat, buy the food to eat the night we almost did not cook three!! This highlights a thin spot, with chopsticks a few seconds, well, good!! Lele every time to go out to eat, is a good meal and then eat a meal, then went to play, and then eat to my side, my mother is too hot today, I do not know what he wants to ghost? I asked then? Ice cream there mom, I want to eat a!! Eat ice cream this matter, Grandpa and grandma said you can’t eat more, cola students also have a bit of this sudden from the impact of the feeling of happiness, mom, I really can eat? You can eat it, but also after the consent of the mother to go, eat can also, but can not eat more, we should give you some points!! Pleased to beauty, well, a summer have not eaten an ice cream baby enough control, this is the reward for it, really have no next time, this cool guy can cause direct cause cough!相关的主题文章: