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[together] — tasty sauce pork fried tofu and tofu – Sohu is the most popular and cheap food, whether in the city or the countryside, were very convenient, and its nutritional value is very high, the plant protein is beneficial to human body absorption, cooking is also changing, today and share together good to the explosion of the sauce pork tofu, ordinary ingredients, transferred Shacha paste incense, incense oil mixed with pork, people can not help but eat a few pieces of this, will you completely forget the heat of pork. Occasionally go back to the taste buds, pleasant to eat tofu ~ on the table no two grab finished, the teacher asked, how much do not eat enough, on CD, look at his crowd I Touzhaoyue, and a successful dish how to make delicious haha it is very important to learn cooking details, friends please carefully read each of the menu tips and tricks yo ~ [ingredients] pork 100 grams of tofu 200 grams of green pepper a little chili oil a little barbecue sauce 1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce 1 tablespoons of water a little 1 prepared food. (South North tofu tofu, North tofu for the novice is easy to grasp, not fragile, pork must select the interval three kind of red pepper embellishment, spicy friends can be replaced with millet pepper) 2 bean curd wash slice, pork washed and cut into thin slices of 3 pepper, hot pot, pour a little oil, add pork fried coke yellow (until both sides why join a small amount of oil? Because the pot heat oil, pork into the pot easily out of oil, fry faster) 4 fried pork with pork pushed aside the exudation of oil fried tofu, slightly fried for a moment 5 tofu surface is a little yellow coke, transferred into 6 barbeque sauce (no teriyaki sauce, teriyaki sauce with soy sauce is also OK, but not too much, small color can be transferred to 7) a little water, cook for 1 minutes, let tofu and pork penetrate each other, more tasty, more fragrant, then add pepper 8 end up throwing the pan evenly and serve food ingredients tips: barbeque sauce and soy sauce has been salty enough and do not add salt, sprinkle some water, let the food quickly and evenly cooked, add pepper stir fry.相关的主题文章: