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Tokyo eight minutes to allow AR to become a hot search, then it is how to achieve? The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio last night to pull down the curtain, and tension events interspersed expression package, Sun Yang love to pay astronomical Hui Garden what the color of the swimsuit and edge of the field compared to fancy show of affection… Last night’s closing party, Tokyo eight minutes to give it all a full imagination. Mario, Hello Kitty, the blue fat diffuse in Japan’s well-known IP turns the stage; at the same time, in 8 minutes, on the stage with 33 virtual graphics showing the 33 Olympic games. Many media will be referred to as augmented reality (AR), there are some media questioned. We first understand the team behind the support Rhizomatiks. Demonstration effect of Tokyo eight minutes of the Japanese company Rhizomatiks was established in 2006 in Tokyo, is committed to building large-scale commercial projects with art and technology, the company members from many different fields, such as visual arts, media arts, computer programming, construction and engineering etc.. 2008, "Electric Stimulus To Face" in YouTube to browse millions of times, and thus Rhizomatiks daito Manabe was known by many people. Later in 2012, they helped Japanese electronic music group Perfume has designed a virtual image and reality show (with clickable links to view video). The show started, the audience sees the portrait is not real, but three virtual portrait, the effect is indeed real, not to see the floor through the actor’s foot, small really did not see it is a virtual portrait. Finally, the real and the virtual characters appear on the stage. Ask if you can see the virtual portrait but know, Japanese media reported in 2015 that Rhizomatiks: the main technology is the holographic projection, the actors on the stage of what images are invisible, a projection transparent screen in front of them, and their nails with a retro reflective material sensor stage the front also set up infrared transparent device and a high-speed camera, the camera to capture a finger against ray, determine its position, and a dynamic image in the corresponding position. VOCALOID concert this holographic projection technology was continuously improved, coupled with the creative team and daito Manabe, have been used in Perfume, and other singers in the concert. In 2013 sixtieth Cannes International Festival of creativity, Perfume performance is get applause. Here, there must be someone who can think of Japanese virtual Diva Hatsune future concert. Miku in Taobao creation Festival this year also show, the audience can see the naked eye virtual sound. It is understood that Miku also use the holographic projection technology, produced through the holographic image, 3D projection, and according to the binocular effect, allowing users to form a distance perception and stereo feeling (see explanation on the principle of knowledge). According to the explanation given by Baidu, holographic projection.相关的主题文章: